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Severity School

Length: 60 minutes
Review by MARS posted 1/28/11

An oddly repetitive and unimaginative Moonglow from the era where low-budget surprises were frequently to be experienced. Moonglow runs a "last chance" school for girls who can fall no further. Spankings are routine we assume, and here three girls are going to be turned upside down for a gathering of a board of governors after a week of misbehavior.

A goofy headmaster stands in front of the governors to describe his week with the girls. The scene is the oak-paneled faux classroom Moonglow used repeatedly in this era. Each day of the week got progressively worse. In flashbacks, we see events leading to panties-down for all of them when the governors attend.

MONDAY: The girls were caught off-campus in jeans. Not a big deal, but this is Severity School. They report, the camera pans their jeaned bottoms, and the HM goes directly for the cane. Blond actress Elena takes 10 on her jeans, then another blonde gets 15, and last prefect brunette actress Sandra takes 35 on denim. Filming from vantage points and repeats are so inconsistent that the counts are inexplicable. Nobody the worse for wear this day.

TUESDAY: The girls are caught off-campus using a shortcut not permitted, the cane is the solution again; the blondes are wearing spiffy black shorts and the headgirl camouflaged shorts. They take strokes on cloth again, and again this time the headgirl is filmed getting twice as many. Other than the clothes getting tighter, no changes are occurring.

WEDNESDAY: The girls skipped out on compulsory cold showers following PT; although most of us could have scripted an entertaining punishment for this transgression, the girls get the cane again, kneeling on two back-to-back straight chairs, on their form-fitting gym leotards. Low floor angles for the filming relieve the tedium.

LAST DAY: Finally, the girls, in full schoolgirl kit, are marched in front of the governors, whose presence we only sense and whose shoes and lower legs are filmed twice. The girls will take a "double-dose" in front of the group. The HM is dressed formally in his cap and gown. A spanking trestle has been seen on the set since the beginning. The short-haired blonde takes 15 on her white panties; Elena's turn is almost 20 on her dark blue knickers; and--consistent--the headgirl gets 30 on her blue pants. These strokes are getting harder.

We were expecting: "double-dose" means bare-bottom. The promise of the short-haired blonde's tight hard buttocks is fulfilled. Almost 30 strokes are shown, a lot of repeats, the last segment slow-motion. Lengthy closeups, very suitable for this actress. Blonde Elena takes her knickers off and hands them over for the same regimen. The whippy cane is wrapping on her flank. And the headgirl is over the trestle for 40 filmed. The governors had their fun.

Modesty retained; minimal nudity; anonymous characters just off-screen. The three girls were certainly compliant, knowing their options at this school.

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