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Severity School's Punishments

Length: 53 minutes
Review by MARS posted 2/4/11

What starts out to be a humdrum schoolgirl spanking saga turns out to be an entertaining construction of ad lib moments from willing participants. In a one room setting, about 10 people are present for and celebrate the thorough spanking of three very pretty actresses. The premise is that difficult girls at this school are brought before a monthly board; the men have their fun. This group spanking predates similar Rigid East sessions, and the sexual undertones are less evident here. We suggest private girls' schools use this format as a fund raiser.

Three lovely girls appear in sweet little uniforms--blouses, red pleated skirts. They are cutely insouciant, not too much concerned about what these men might be going to do. The headmaster, the marvelously dour and formal disciplinarian Ivor Gold, inspects the girls and puts his hand down the front of actress Alison Payne's panties and finds the keys to his car. She pretends to be insulted by his hand in her pants, but not too much.

The three girls are going to be spanked by each of the men. On-screen are a spanking trestle, school desks, and a pile of implements. Gillian, a tall, lanky, starlet-looking brunette with long curly hair, will be first to be spanked, and blond Amanda is directed to take her OTK for a very short spanking before the headmaster (HM) takes over. He has her white panties down very quickly. Nothing lanky about this side of her from this angle. Throughout the video, there is much ad lib, hilarity, and kibitzing as the spankings proceed. It is this informal approach which makes this video non-prototypical and diverting.

A second male in the room, then a third, a lefty, take a crack at Gillian. She is bent over one of the school desks for a tawse, then a paddle. She says something softly--we tried and absolutely couldn't hear it--to a big laugh in the room. We think she made a feminine appeal for a less fierce strap and elicted a guffaw from the men sitting there working on their erections. She gets spanked with several implements before she is finished, then must walk around the room proffering her bare bottom for the observers to check (high praise), whom we can't see, because the setting for the cameras is too confined. The HM gives her a few hard tawses as a coda and she is allowed to leave the set. Too bad--her gradual degradation would have been wonderful.

The actress Alison, as Lisa, is next, immediately over the trestle, panties down, the highly regarded and much praised bottom set up for action. The caning starts immediately. This actress usually takes the most exciting punishments in her films. Four men lay on 12 strokes each, without much pause. The second caner hits much harder--eliciting a squeak from Alison. To the fourth caner, "Can you not hit my legs, please?" There have been and will be more thigh strikes as the punishments progress. All admire the results.

Brave Lisa completed, Amanda is watching and next, comments that her taxi has arrived outside. Horselaughs from the pervert men awaiting their turns. Blond Amanda starts over a desk, skirt thrown up, lovely white panties. The men take turns handspanking--one pulls her knickers down. Bare-bottomed Lisa is amused in the background. Each man will use three different implements on Amanda at the desk. She presents a galmorous pose. The HM points out some spots on her bottom to be forgiven as the spankings aggregate.

The HM wants to demonstrate a new spanking technique he has acquired. Amanda stands, hands on head, the HM whacks her bottom with a wood fraternithy paddle, and she rocks to hold position.

Pretty Amanda is getting the cane, over the trestle. Each of the men step up for their 12 strokes. There is plenty of amusement over this glorious bottom. The HM shows the youngest caner how to slash low on the buttocks without catching the thighs, something Amanda does not enjoy.

Throughout the movie there have been external sounds off the set--phones, music, public address, a whistling teapot, all contributing to an informality. The men line up the three bottoms at the conclusion and relish their accomplishment. A surprising movie, this was.

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