Sexy Stoner Spanked Again

10 minutes
Review by John O'Connell posted 11/19/10

The basic story is that pretty blonde Sarah Jain left the front door unlocked and the apartment got robbed. The roommate is non to happy with the fact that her computer and weed were stolen, so it's time to give her forgetful pothead friend a lesson she soon won't forget. She pulls Sarah over her lap (a chair is continently located in perfect position) and raises her dress. The hand spanking begins over Sarahs blue panties. Several camera angles are provided including a pretty good face cam that shows Sarah's reaction to every slap. Sarah tries to tell her roommate the renter's insurance should pay for the losses, however that doesn't seem to help her cause any.

Before long the panties are yanked down and the bare bottom spanking begins. The moans from Sarah become more intense and the roommate seems to start spanking a little harder. There are several close ups of the pussy as the spanking is taking place along with wide angle shots from the side and rear. No facial close ups during this segment. After several minutes of spanking, Sarah is made to stand up and strip naked.

Now naked, Sarah is pulled back over her roommate's knee and the spanking continues. A number of camera angles are provided during this segment including close ups of the pussy and the face. The facial ones are pretty good since Sarah is crying and carrying on. The angles are also left on for a good period of time instead of just several seconds which is nice. This final segment of the video is five minutes long and for the most part is solid spanking. The video ends with Sarah being tossed off the roommate's lap and being sent into the other room.

I really liked this video. Out of the 10 minutes, a good 8 or more of it is solid spanking action. They hit all the key camera angles giving the customer a variety of views. The video is available for download at the Spank Channel's clip for sale site and is moderately priced at $9.99. The WMV version is 203 MB and plays well at full screen on a 22 inch wide screen monitor.

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