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The name of this video should have been Shame of Raven Hill Studios. First, I thought that using recent events to promote this video was in very poor taste. If a friend didn't give me the video to watch and review, I wouldn't have purchased it myself. As for the video itself, have you ever watched something and then thought "what the hell did I just watch"? Well, that's pretty much what I was thinking.
The concept here is that 3 women have been videotaped doing various undoings, such as nasty sex activities and laziness. So, they must be punished. To be honest, none of the women are that pretty and each scene opens with them already on the table. It would have been nice if there was an intro of sorts where they were brought into the room. There is a crowd that is listening outside the building that every so often a camera shows them cheering. The punishments themselves are all basically the same. The girl is found in the prone position, naked, and tied to a table. A guy in a black robe and hood (so you can't see his face) administers the punishments. He uses a few instruments including a strap and a cane. The punishments themselves are fairly hard and the scenes are fairly lengthy.
The 2nd woman is the only one out of the 3 that were half way decent to look at. The last lady was covered in tattoos, which I can't stand. If that wasn't enough for me, the guy whips out his cock and makes the last woman suck him off for nearly 15 minutes. At what point did we go from a spanking/punishment video to a blow job video? Somehow I think they forgot what the product was about. I mean this scene went on, and on, and on. She's sucking, then he masturbates, then she sucks, then he masturbates, until finally he dumps his load all over her face. I really could have done without that. The video runs around an hour and the video picture and sound quality is average.

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