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Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

Over the years, hairstyles may change but the scenario of a mother dealing with a bratty daughter is timeless. The folks at California Star Productions are re-packaging some of their classic videos from the 1980's. The company is merging two tapes into one package. One of their refurbished classics is the combination of "Shelly's Punishment" and "Shelly's Revenge". In "Shelly's Punishment", A mother confronts her teenage daughter about an empty bottle of cologne and a chip out of the bathroom sink. The girl denies any responsibility, So mom makes the teenybopper stand in the middle of the room, with her school skirt up and her panties down, until she admits her guilt. When mom returns, Shelly reports that she dropped the bottle on the sink, causing the chip and her friends used the cologne during a recent party. Mother informs the girl that she is going to get spanked for lying. The woman pulls the struggling girl over her knee, pulls her undies down and begins the punishment. After a few good whacks, Mom makes Shelly kneel on the sofa as she continues smacking the teen's bottom. Mom still isn't happy and soon returns the girl to the OTK position. The spanking is a little herky-jerky. It seems the spanker isn't quite sure what she wants. But when she does punish the girl, it's pretty darn good. Close ups of a red bottom, Close ups of Shelly's pained face and some, real interesting, domestic discipline images. Just when the girl thinks the punishment is over; Her parents decide it's time for the cane. Mom bends the Shelly over the arm of the sofa and gives her several hard whacks on her pretty posterior. The caning is classic. A girl, in a catholic school outfit, crying out and flinging her body after each stroke. It does take mom awhile to cane the girl. She seems more concerned with the position of the girl's legs and toying with Shelly by swishing the cane in the air. Despite the delay, it's a good segment and a worthwhile scene.

In Shelly's Revenge, the grounded teen is on the phone bitching, to her friend, about her mom and the spanking she received. In an act of revenge and stupidity, Shelly has cut school, is drinking wine and decides to cut up her mother's best dress. When mom finds the wine and the dress, she grabs a leather strap, sits next to the cowering girl and asks what she should do about the situation. Shelly tries to put sofa pillows between herself and the angry woman. But the cushion is no match for an agitated mother. She pulls the girl over her knee and straps the Shelly's naked bottom. In the first tape, mom had some difficulty controlling the girl; there's no problem this time around. Shelly squirms and begs to no avail. Mom puts a real hurting on the teen's backside. Soon, she orders the girl to get ready for bed. We see the attractive girl in her birthday suit as she changes into silk pajamas. Mom enters with the cane. Shelly is forced on all fours on the bed and receives several whacks. The girl's pants are removed and a few more strokes are applied to the naughty brat. She is then sent to bed. The tapes may not have the sophistication of some of the newer spanking videos, but a pretty young woman, getting her just deserts, never goes out of style. The actors perform well. Shelly is a cute kid and mom is OK as a ticked off British parent. The thing I really like about this tape is that the people react the way folks, in this situation, would act. Mom really looks mad. While many of today's spankee's look, almost, bored during their punishment, Shelly reacts the way a chastised child would react. She cries out, squirms and throws her arm back to protect her bottom. Remembering the 80's can be a little painful. Bad techno music, big hair and 8 track tapes. While listening to a Flock of Seagulls album may make you long for an MP3 player, using the time machine to see a child of the "Me decade" getting a well-deserved spanking is worth the trip.

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