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54 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/3/08

Great concept we have admired before; shoplifting girls accept the bare bottom backroom alternative to the police. This one doesn't inflate, though. Store security catches Samantha and Kelly. "I search or call the police." Bingo. Store manager Miss Casey is called in. She seems to have her motives too: "We can take care of this with a light spanking."

Samantha goes first, a tall blonde, hair in a bun, British accent. OTK, Miss Casey pulls down her sweat pants and thong. A lot of fondling and some giggling among the actresses. A couple of good crisp smacks at the outset could have cured that. Not to be. Nice round bottom though, and the camera is right on it. Kelly feigns horror in the corner. Casey keeps checking the director for guidance--apparently she does not receive any.

Long flowing blonde American Kelly is summoned, purple slacks down, no panties, big bottom, mild spanking. But she cries out convincingly, and someone directed her to keep her hair from covering her pretty face. A camera view up her legs from the floor during the OTK was nice. Samantha rubs her bottom in the corner. Casey spanks both girls over the desk; side-by-side views always good. Random spankings. When Kelly calls Casey a "crazy bitch" a paddle materializes, a big fraternity-size, but it doesn't get employed effectively. The girls are given the "If I ever seen you again" speech and off they go.

Sure enough, the same male security officer nabs them again. Everybody is still dressed in the same outfits! "This time it will be more severe because I'm going to do it," the guard says. They call him a pervert. "A spanking or the police?" He gets them OTK, pants down quickly. Everybody knows what to do. Kelly is told to take all her clothes off, but the guard blocks our view so we don't see this tasty event. Sam strips too. Two nude girls full screen. Kelly is quite a package.

Ms. Casey is called back. Paddling and spanking of no import. Sam is caned--not hard, but one of the six strokes has broken some skin. Nice revealing closeups. The buxom Kelly manages to escape the cane. We accept the premise that American girls have thinner skin.

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