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year: 1997
time: 32 minutes
Guest Review by MARS 1/15/10

Another Miss Brown appearance, called Miss Precious in some literature on this film. Straightforward schoolroom action--a delicious boyish little blonde named Sarah, a young lady you'd like to see spanked on the hour, reports to Miss Brown for having forged her sister's signature on an excuse note, is OTK immediately, white panties down to display a full round impeccable bottom, which she keeps high and prominent. Just a few spanks and she is sent off. The actress starts to pull her own panties down, but Miss Brown stops her: "Did I say.....?" "No, Miss." This unveiling duty is Miss Brown's speciality.

Sarah goes home and tells her sister Joanne she got spanked by Miss Brown; of course Joanne checks her bottom. Joanne is going to do something about this. Sarah: "Oh, don't tell Miss Brown. She's evil...she's wicked." Indeed.

Off to school. Confront Miss Brown. "You used to do it to me. You can't do it to my sister." There follow flashbacks of Joanne being spanked and paddled by Miss Brown when she was a student. "I can do whatever I want in my school. Do you remember what happened to you?" Red Stripe took care to change costumes and hair styles to convey the time change.

Miss Brown has the leverage to spank Joanne here in her office in the here and now. "And now I am going to remind you one more time." Miss B. makes sure Sarah turns to face her sister's embarrassment. OTK she goes, reluctantly and fearfully raising her polka dot silky summer dress to display black panties. Hard spanking from the left-handed Miss Brown, on the bare. "Oh, please, please."

Hands on the chair for the paddle position--Joanne remembers what to do. A red, sniffling face as Miss Brown snaps effective paddle strokes. Moving along, Miss Brown circles with the cane, speaking in low, menacing tones, while Joanne shivers and shrinks in anticpation of this next phase. Lots of obedient "Yes, Miss." "Can you still touch toes?... Oh, good." She does a perfect touch-toes position, the most vulnerable and exposed posture, for 12 with the cane. It seemed the first stroke was a little too hard and the remaining were more moderate. Too much adrenaline from Miss Brown!

Sarah tearfully comes forward, back OTK, lovely white panties tightly covering her bottom pulled down for another handspanking. The routine continues--over the chair. Camera shots from below highlight Sarah's round buttocks and shoot up Miss Brown's skirt, here and frequently throughout . After the paddle comes the cane. Sarah's face is splotchy red with tears and emotion, as is her bottom.

Twelve counted cane strokes---"One, thank you, Miss." At the conclusion the captured sisters must bend over Miss Brown's desk, pants down, for the careful camera inspection as Brown paces. How embarrassing for big Sis!

Excellent acting throughout--the girls really seem to fear being spanked. The audio is superior, even to the point of a noisy ceiling fan, and we can hear all of Mss Brown's muttered admonishments.

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