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Sister Strict

Directed and Produced: Clare Fonda & James Phillips
Staring: Clare Fonda
Running time: 60 minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

Sister Strict will tickle the fancy of those who went to Catholic School, or those that pondered the possibilities of spanking a student there. Even better, if you went there and would have liked to see a nun punished for one reason or another, you can complete that fantasy along with seeing a girl from the school punished all in one production. Ok, let me not get too far ahead of myself. The video opens with Paris sitting outside an office. Nikki sits next to her and asks what she is there for. Both are wearing white button down shirts, with Paris wearing a short blue plaid skirt and Nikki wearing a red plaid one. I don't think they were ever this short, but hey, this is a spanking video after all. They each complete the ensemble with black shoes and a Rosary Bead Necklace around their necks. Paris is being summoned into Sister Clare's office because someone told the good sister that Paris was smoking cigarettes. She tells Nikki that she did no such thing. Nikki just tells her that's too bad and that sister spanks very hard. She tells her to enjoy it and then leaves. Remind me not to seek her out when in need of words of encouragement.

Paris enters the office and meets with Sister Clare. Complete with Irish broge, the sister asks Paris to hand over the cigarettes. She denies smoking and Sister Clare asks her if she's calling her a liar. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. She says no and then is asked if she is calling the other student a liar. I would have said yes to that one, but she responded again by stating no. Sister Clare orders Paris to stand in the corner with her skirt up while she places a hard backed wooded chair in the middle of the room. She then orders her to pull her white panties down to her ankles and assume the position. I must say Paris has one very cute bottom. So round and (Splashes cold water on himself). Ok, I'm back. Clare proceeds to spank the living daylights out of Paris. This is a very long OTK scene where the spanking is continuous. I've seen a lot of long spanking scenes, but many have stoppages for dialogue or corner time or whatever. This is just straight bare bottom spanking. Paris tries to tell Sister Clare that she didn't smoke or have possession of the cigarettes, but this just makes the good sister more angry. Not only is she smoking and lying, but now she's being defiant. At one point Sister Clare has Paris count out 50 hard spanks. I figured this was the end of the session, but I suppose it's a good thing I don't gamble then. Clare continues on for several more minutes of ass pounding spanking before finally giving Paris a break. While this is taking place we see Nikki listening outside the office and laughing. Well, I guess we know who set Paris up, now don't we? Nikki foolishly takes the cigarettes out and we then see the hand of the camera person reach out and grab hold of her. The scene then switches back to the office where Paris is getting ready to be paddle. She is bent over a desk and her skirt is raised when....whoosh, Nikki is tossed in like the morning newspaper.

Nikki tries to tell Sister Clare that she has no idea why in the name of all that is holy she is there. Someone just grabbed her and pushed her in the office as if they had nothing better to do. Imagine the nerve of someone doing that. Sister Clare doesn't believe it and now sees the light. Finally after some verbal badgering, Nikki admits to being the one that smoked and setting up Paris. She is made to hand over the cigarettes and then is told to stand in the corner with her skirt up. Paris is allowed to stand up and is asked to hold the paddle while she watches Nikki receive the same bare bottom spanking that she just had bestowed upon her. Nikki's panties come down to her ankles and she is soundly spanked. It is amazing that Sister Clare could spank for that long, especially after just giving a long spanking to Paris. I needed to dip my hand into a bucket of ice just watching this. And as Sister says, Nikki richly deserves to be paddle. Oh boy does she ever. And after each swat she must say "Thank you sister, may I have another." Why yes you may. And another and another and another. 30 swats later, her bottom is a nice shade of crimson. Sister Clare laid it on like she was hammering in nails to a post. Did I feel bad for Nikki? Nope, she got what she deserved. Nikki is made to stand against the wall for a short time before being made to stand in the hallway with her skirt up and panties down. The scene ends when Paris goes up to her and asks her if she enjoyed the paddling. Zing!

Most would have been content with the first scene, but as they say in infomercials, wait there's more. The next scene might get you struck by lightning if you get to excited about it, so try and keep it low key. The scene starts with Sister Clare kneeling at her bed praying. She is asking God for forgiveness for getting carried away with spanking the girls. Well, as she's doing that Father Phillips enters her quarters. He knows about her overzealous spankings and isn't too pleased. Sister Clare says she was just talking to God about it and that she's sorry she got so carried away. Well, not as sorry as she's going to be. Father Phillips is going to give Sister Clare some of her own medicine. This is the part that might induce old childhood fantasies, so do proceed with caution. The father takes the penitent nun over his kneed and begins to spank her over her skirt. She asks if this seems a bit silly to him, but he doesn't answer. In fact he doesn't speak at all. He's a man of few words but of many spanks. The spanking continues over her slip and then her white panties. Sister is a little worried that someone might come into the room or that the other nuns might find out about this. Father Phillips does not seem to share in her concerns though. He just keeps plugging away. Sometimes he spanks with both hands, a very versatile man he is. She doesn't seem to like it though. I have to say that I might chuckle from time to time during a spanking film at some of the comments, but I really got a kick out of Clare. She really had some funny one liners. Not bad while you're being spanked. I won't ruin it by telling you anymore on that, but they were pretty comical. But, alas, the comedy subsides and the panties come down. Father Phillips puts the spanking into high gear and whoops poor Sister Clare's bare bottom. This is a very long hand spanking that leaves Clare crying for the last few minutes of the spanking.

There are very few videos that I say are a must have for my collection. This is one of them. I loved it. It was funny, sexy, full of spanking, and just all around fun. I enjoyed every minute of it and I think you will too.

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