Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active. Unsure how often the site updates, but the free area states they now have 84 full length films online. Cost of membership is 34.05 USD/24.95 EUR for 30 days.

Fans of the Sting in the Tail videos be prepared for some exciting news. Sit-Spanking is a new website that is dedicated to bringing you these outstanding spanking videos in video clip format. Sting in the Tail videos are being converted into video clips and posted to this sites. And, it's not just out takes of the best parts either, it's the whole video in it's entirety. The videos are first split into multiple clips for faster downloading and posted over a short period of time. Then, full version clips are added to allow the member to download one clip that features the whole production. All clips are posted in both low and high resolution to suit those on both slow and fast connections, and also give you a choice between real media and windows media formats. There are also galleries being added to compliment each video with a good deal of screen shots for you to enjoy. Currently, there are 12 videos online, either in part or completed, with new ones on the way. There is also a bonus bar with clips from other websites. Although the site just launched last week, there is already a good deal of material online. The site is updated at least every 5 days, but from the update list, it doesn't appear to go longer than 3 days without an update. The clips are crisp and flow nicely. They even look decent being played in full screen. Again, the site is new, so there isn't a large archive, but it's being updated all the time and it doesn't take years for a video to have all the parts online. If you are a fan of Sting in the Tail (or even if you aren't) you should at least take a gander at the preview area.

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