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Sitting Pretty

42 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/13/10

Is it possible these producers remember the film "Sitting Pretty," made 60 years ago, where the actor Clifton Webb plays a male babysitter victimized by his charges? Here, two young ladies are the sitters, shirk their duties, and then pay the price.

The actress Georgette Neale plays a sexy well-built blond babysitter, with a friend, another blonde, visiting her on the babysitting job--a good thing, two tushes. The parents return, in evening clothes, and are furious--the baby is crying, wet, and unattended. Georgette's parents are going to hear about this. "Do you have to tell them?"

The attractive mother: "No more lies. You are going to get beaten, the pair of you." The missus takes Georgette OTK--her little thong isn't much protection even though it is routine spanking. The husband Harry arrives to watch--we'll soon see spanking is not unusual in this household. Another easy sequence by CalStar to get a girl to give it up.

Harry brings the second girl into the room--there's a mess in the kitchen and now it's her turn. The wife takes her OTK, a very tight mini-skirt rolled up, simple white panties, good shots from a camera of a bottom created to be on someone's lap, pants down. Georgette watches. Harry has found a paddle for his wife to use, the first of several implements he comes up with. Hands-on-chair, knees locked, bottom very high, this actress knows how to stand for a paddling.

The wife takes up a second paddle he has produced--a mean leather kidney-shaped model, which is not used hard hewre. Harry watches and checks the girl's bare bottom closely, which the wife is not too fond of him doing. the observing Georgette calls him a "pervert," rather bold of her standing there with no pants on.

Georgette's friend is told to strip naked, for more paddling. Now it is Georgette's turn to strip. Her spectacular body explains why she is mentioned here and there in the literature. Over the chair, she arches her back and sticks her bottom out. She calls for Harry to bring a better paddle--there seems to be an endless supply of equipment--it's a big black leather affair. Naked friend watches, keeping her front in view for us.

Harry takes over--he'll resolve this "pervert" business. "Legs apart, bitch. Come on, who's a 'perv' now?" The wife looks a little uncomfortable that Harry is so much into it. The paddling is not hard, but this is a dramatic posture for Ms. Neale, tush sticking out and boobs hanging down. The wife is fondling the blonde-friend while Georgette is spanked.

Harry takes the cane to deal with Georgette. The wife will have her crack first. She smiles as she lays on about 30 strokes. Lots of repeats, maybe 4 or 5 times, fondling and stroking. She then canes the second girl, about 30 times, same procedure. Two bare bottoms are in some shots.

The erotic evening comes to a close, at least for the girls. it is decided this session has not accomplished its purpose. A repeat is arrange for "next Friday." We hope the baby has settled down, because it appears this couple has not concluded their evening yet.

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