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Additional Review by Kyle Johnson posted 6/15/07

You are all going to be shocked to here this, but there is going to be very little negative to say in this review of the Eastern European favorite 'Slaves of Rome'. I know, I said all Eastern European fetish vids were not in my area of interest, but this picture changed my mind. Filled with fantastic acting, great non-relenting canings, beautiful girls and fun sets, 'Slaves of Rome' is one of the best spanking pictures I have seen in a long time.

The story is set during the Roman Empire. A group of girls are brought in as slaves and the movie opens with the slave trader negotiating with a Treasurer of the city. There are about 7 girls chained in the room, and each of them is brought forth, bent over, revealed, and fondled. The last one is said to be the slave owners favorite, as he thinks she is prettiest. He undoes her top and fondles her, and his actions lead the brave girl to spit in his face. This infuriates the slave owner and he turned the bare-backed girl around, pulls out his small tawse/belt/whip and gives her the whipping of her life on her back. The chained girl cries and screams and begs, but he gives her 50 severe lashes, crisscrossing her back with welts everywhere. Then the Treasurer chooses three girls and leaves. At home, his wife is angered at his spending and jealous of the girls beauty, so she takes them down to the dungeon, and canes one of the girls so severely that she is deeply bruised and bleeding. 70 strokes as hard as she could with three different canes. Harsh. Anyways, the girls then are cleaning and her servant/assistant tries to rape the girls and gets scratched by them for it. For this, the girls are taken back to the room and both are caned severely. One gets 40 lashes, the other gets 80. The girls are left near bloody and crying in the corner as the picture closes.

The thing that got to me in this movie was how unforgiving the mistress was with the girls in question, and the slave owner whipped the pretty blonde as hard as he could. I loved it. It's what a spanking movie is supposed to be. When I watch a spanking video, I expect it to pull me into the scene, making me believe it were really happening, the same as a role-play would. A lot of spanking videos, however, fail to capture this emotion. This one did for me.

**** out of ****
(4 out of 4 stars)

Conclusion: Watch this video if you like the reactions of the girls. Some of the caning (especially the first one) dragged on a bit, but it was worth it in the end. All the acting is great and there are no weird vagina or urine or feet fetishes that are sneakily hidden inside the movie. It's a straight unfair-punishment story and you will feel for the girls and hate the mistress, the way a good movie will make you feel.

Guest Review by Sprite 3/20/06

The action for this film is set in ancient Rome. The first scene shows a Roman buying three slaves. The slave trader shows him a number of nubile slaves, exposing their assets for inspection. The unfortunate three are chosen, but one other slave is whipped by the trader for bad behaviour, she having to endure fifty lashes on her bare back.

The next scene is set at the Roman's villa where his wife is less than pleased at the new acquisitions, thinking them to be too much of a temptation for her husband. She decides to teach one of them a lesson to show what will happen if they overstep the mark.

The first slave is taken by a manservant to the dungeon where she is laid on her back on a bench with her legs shackled up over her head to the wall. The mistress arrives and proceeds to give fifty strokes with various canes. All are full strength from the beginning and by the end of the fifty the slave's bottom is already a sorry sight. But the mistress decides to administer a further thirty strokes, again with deliberate and determined force. After this the slave is released, her bottom deeply bruised with the skin broken in several places.

The action moves back to the other two slaves, who upset the manservant who tells his mistress who is more than happy to have them removed to the dungeon for their punishment. The second slave is stripped and bent over the punishment block. This girl is now a veteran of Mood films, having been in several productions. But this experience did not seem to lessen her discomfort as the cold and heartless mistress lays into her for fifty strokes. We have some good views of the slave's face which shows how difficult she is finding it.

The third slave is of Hispanic roots with darker skin and a Latin attitude. I doubt that she has experienced a severe caning before and looks genuinely scared when she is made to inspect the marks on the second slave, knowing that she is about to receive some of the same treatment. She is stripped and bent over and the mistress surveys the slave's pert smallish bottom before administering a without mercy beating of seventy strokes which leave the girl marked from the top of her buttocks to the back of her knees. If you have neighbours you will need to turn the sound right down or wear headphones as the slave screams her head off during her ordeal.

This is a typically well produced film by Mood. As usual with this company, the punishments are administered by a female, the three men in the film playing minor supporting roles. I thought that the mistress was the star performer, being beautiful yet icy cold and completely brutal in her welding of the canes. She clearly took a dislike to the third slavegirl and took special pleasure in giving her a severe thrashing.

As can now be expected with Mood, this film is only for those wishing to witness very severe caning action. It will not be to everyone's taste.

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