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Slipper for Stephanie

40 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/13/08

Mrs. McCluskey turns over her house to a sexy blonde babysitter, with some instructions, including "No men." Now Stephanie is one nubile sitter, and apparently hot of pants, and we can see there is going to be trouble. Her boyfriend Andy is quickly at the door and in no time they are on the couch and Stephanie's skirt is up. He worms her OTK and pulls down her black panties. Next off is her top. She gets up, completes the undressing to bra and pants then goes off into the house in search of the inevitable spanking implements, endorsing our theory that every British house is so equipped.

She returns only with a slipper, and Andy spanks her firmly--a very cute, wriggling bottom. "This is the way my girlfriends prove their faithfulness to me." "I love it when you do this to me, Andy." Shy, Stephanie's not. They find a bedroom, where Stephaneis gets a baby oil rubdown of her bottom. Then, under the duvet, Andy appears to enter Stephanie from the rear.

You know it's coming. Mrs. McCluskey pops back, is furious, and Andy is run off. Stephanie is going to face the music and make some of music of her own. "Get downstairs and hurry up about it." She's naked of course. McCluskey calls Stephanie's mother and gets the clearance she needs. "She'll be in good hands with me. I'll see it's properly done."

When McCluskey gets Stephanie OTK she is surprised. "Oh, I see it's already red." Now comes the full closet-arsenal for Stephanie--handspanking, the same slipper, up over a table for 40 strokes of a riding crop (she even breaks the handle), then the cane ("Oh, no, Mrs. McCluskey, not the cane.") in various cute positions. Stephanie thinks she's done and pulls up her pants, but no, down they come for another set of strokes. There is some fondling now, and McCluskey has shifted to a new level. "It's feeling quite warm now." At the conclusion, Stephanie gets her bottom kissed and we're treated to a leisurely closeup.

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