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Jacuzzi Blues clip review by John O'Connell posted 1/28/11

Smartass Spankings features the talents of spanking model Katee Calaway. In this clip Katee is seen taking a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi, splashing the water around and being ever so peaceful. That is until Bill comes in to ruin it. Well, I guess he has a right to be a little ticked off as Katee used all the hot water in the house and he needs to take a shower before going to work. Well, that just wasn't very nice of her now was it? So what does one do about this?

Bill yanks Katee out of the jacuzzi and pulls her across his lap fully naked. Since there is no hot water left, Bill figures he might as well just dip his feet in the jacuzzi and put her over his knee right there. He begins the hand spanking imediately, periodically giving her bottom a little extra water just because the sound is pretty neat when his hand comes in contact with her naked wet bottom. This continues for a little while until Bill has Katee stand up and face the back wall and spanks her that way. Naturally one can't be in a bath spanking scene without producing a bath brush at some point. That just wouldn't be right. So, you guessed the bath brush comes out to really teach Katee a lesson about using all the hot water. Not hot water equals a very hot bottom.

The bath brush beating continues for a while until Katee is truly sorry for her unthoughtful behavior. To think things over, Katee is made to kneel on the edge of the jacuzzi with her hands behind her head. The scene is just under 7 minutes long and is pretty cool to watch. The scene is in WMV format with a screen size of 1280 x 720 and a file size of just under 60 MB. It's ok at full screen, but not as good as some of the other clips. The price is $7.99.

The Secretary clip reviewed by John O'Connell posted 1/28/11

The Secretary is another clip featuring Bill and Katee. Katee is a secretary that has been slacking in her duties. Much work that she was supposed to do never was completed and Bill is fed up and wants to fire Katee. However, Katee really needs the job and feeling sorry for her he offers her an alternative. She may be spanked instead. She accepts.

Katee is wearing a business-like atire with black skirt and white sleeveless blouse. She is bent over Bill's desk to receive the first round of her punishment. She is hand spanked over the skirt while she writes on a piece of paper. This is kind of interesting as I've not seen too many models being made to write while they are being spanked. The skirt is then raised and Katee is spanked over her black panties.

It isn't long before the panties are down and Katee is being spanked on the bare. Not wanting to tire his hand out too much, Bill pulls out the belt to really drive home the point. To end the punishment, Katee is made to kneel and bend over while on top of the desk to receive the last of her punishment with the ruler. She is then made to stay in that position after the punishment is over. Another pretty good scene from Smartass Spankings. The scene is in WMV format and has a screen size of 1208 x 720. It is 12 minutes long and is just over 100 MB. This one is also ok at full screen, but not as sharp as others I've seen. The cost is $12.99.

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