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M/F reviewed by S

This tape "Sneaky Tiki" is a punishment series tape. That means Tiki was punished for some real infraction on each segment. I will break down the five scenarios. 1)Whacking for Hacking- This has Dallas explaining that Tiki had hacked into his personal e-mail files looking for something she felt Dallas was hiding from her. We'll it turns out Dallas was hiding nothing-but - in doing so some of his files were damaged. It starts with Tiki standing in a large tub of very hot water. She could barely keep her feet inside. Dallas then puts on some exfoiliation gloves and a special scrub lotion. He wets her bottom and really scrubs her bottom with that glove. He explains that this takes off all the dead skin making her bottom very tender. He once again pours water (Hot!) over her bottom and makes her bend over and put her hands flat on the wall in front of her. He produces his trusty strap and starts applying in to Tiki's wet bottom. Different camera angles after about 10 whacks. After about 40 hard ones you can hear Tiki break down saying that her bottom had been spanked raw. The camera cuts but you can tell there was probably a lot of crying. Then a close up shot and the strap starts falling again. she recieved at least 120 with that strap and then sent to the wall to rub her sore bottom. There were a few camera bumps but I really didn't care because I knew she was really getting spanked for something she had done wrong! 2) The next was called "Paddle Parade" Tiki is called over by Dallas who is sitting in an armless chair. There are a bunch of paddles on a stool next to him. Dallas takes Tiki over his knee and has her choose the first paddle. She chooses a wooden paddle with holes. He spanks her very hard with that paddle and has her stand up to find a new camera angle. What I witnessed now was one of the hardest multiple paddlings I have ever witnessed. (The most interesting thing was it is explained on the website that she recieved this paddling the same day she was given 63 hard whacks with the cane in the next segment.) She received a hard paddling with a oval shaped paddle, then the hardest bath brush spankings you will ever witness. After this intense paddling where she must hand the paddle to Dallas over her shoulder-he has her stand up against the wall for some standing up paddling! I counted 409 whacks all together! The best over the knee paddling I ever saw and that's saying something! 3)This next one is amazing! "Valentines Day" It opens with Dallas lecturing Tiki about her bad attitude. She is wearing a red garter set and looks just great! He tells her that he is going to whip her with a bamboo rod,and that she is to count each stroke. She nods that she would do this and is positioned against the wall. The next is one of the best canings I have ever seen. A different camera angle after each 10 strokes. Great close ups- a great whistling cane- marks- and a submissive girl counting off carefully. A total of 63 very hard strokes will make this a classic caning film! 4) Spanking A-Go-Go- This one was fun. Tiki got into some trouble at the "Shadow Lane Party" this year. Tiki is summoned by Dallas for a hard over the knee bath-brushing and paddling. Tiki had some great expressions! Tiki is then made to lay across the foot of the bed where she receives at least 80 with the belt! My favorite was the shot of her face while she was getting it. She was saying "not so hard" and from the looks of it she was really finding it hard to lay still for that belt. Well it wasn't over yet, she went back over Dallas' lap for more of the bath brush. They do kiss at the end which really shows how much this couple really do love each other. I love the way Dallas will be so stern with Tiki and so SEVERE yet it shows how much he loves her in every segment. That is so refreshing. 5) Mop & Glow- this is a cool little maid fantasy where Tiki was left to clean the floor before Dallas came back. She wasn'y done because she had watched her soap operas. Dallas gives her a hard belt spanking. (a long braided belt with a full arc swing!) Then Tiki must go back to scrubbing that floor now with a burning bottom!

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