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Soccer Moms Spank Off

Staring: Clare Fonda as Maggie Brown
Chelsea Pfeiffer as Lana White
Running Time: approximately 40 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film brings together two "real life" neighborhood friends, Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer again in a light hearted "soccer mom" competitor relationship. It seems that the two mothers have sons who are vying for the same soccer scholarship; the "Pele" scholarship. Needless to say, it ends up with both women spanking each other in Chelsea's inestimable style.

The film opens with a knock at Chelsea's door. Who should be calling? Why none other than Clare Fonda. The two return to the couch that will hold so much meaning in a few moments. Clare had come over to speak to Chelsea about her son, Logan. It seems that her son, Josh, was being considered for a scholarship. Clare feels that he should get the scholarship because he is a good soccer player; and had given up a bit of the academic qualifications in favor of being an athlete. It is therefore unfair for Chelsea's son, who has better grades, to compete with Clare's son. Clare would like Chelsea to withdraw from consideration for the scholarship.

Chelsea begins to question Josh's ethics in playing the game. It seems that he is a bit over-zealous in extending the rules of the game. Obviously, Josh has picked up the trait from his mother. Clare, on the other hand, feels that her son is aggressive. In addition, she goes on to say that no one seems to complain when her son keeps scoring for the team. A small argument erupts when Chelsea tells Clare that this is not a consideration. Chelsea's son is also a good soccer player. In addition, he has managed to keep his grades up at the same time. Clare goes on to tell Chelsea that her son is a wimp.

People talk about baseball and football "dads" and the stages that they will go to promote their sons; even to the point of a physical fight. It is obvious that the ladies are no different.

In no time at all, Chelsea states that her son has good work ethics and has good discipline. Clare makes her fatal mistake at this point and questions Chelsea's idea of discipline. Now, if that wasn't a line if ever I heard one. Clare is about to find what Chelsea's idea of discipline means. Chelsea has had enough of Clare's self-righteous attitude. As Clare starts to leave, Chelsea grabs her arm and in a single move, pulls her down over her knee. Now, we all know what is going to happen next. "Now we will see what happens when you cheat", Chelsea says as she starts to slap Clare's pants. Clare, on the other hand, exhibits a facial expression that is almost classically "what do you mean doing this?"

Chelsea picks up the pace while Clare manages to simply lie over Chelsea's lap. There does not seem to be a struggle on Clare's part. (Obviously, Clare's spanking was to be expected.) Still Chelsea continues to slap Clare's bottom with a nice regularity and force destined to bring about a nice rosy color under her pants. Clare facial expressions begin to show the effects of the spanking shortly. Clare's brow furrows and her mouth drops open in a shocked expression when the waves of stinging pain register. By the time that Chelsea has picked up the clip to a fast pace, Clare is beginning to try to talk herself out of the spanking. She is trying to say "let's call this quits" as if it would help. Clare is destined to receive her just rewards.

By the time that Clare is complaining about the sting, Chelsea pauses to slightly raise Clare off her lap and reach under to unhook her pants. Clare on the other hand is acting as if this was a total surprise when the pants come down to reveal Clare's light blue full-cut panties, just managing to cover her flaming red cheeks peeking out from underneath the lines.

"I am going to ensure that you get a proper spanking", as Chelsea states as she starts in on Clare's panties. Still, Clare manages to hold position. I must give Clare credit. She can take a good spanking and her bottom colors very well.

In a couple of minutes, Chelsea yanks down Clare's panties. Now all is seen. Chelsea's work has left Clare with a bottom the color to match the player's uniforms; red; a nice deep red. Still, Chelsea has not finished. By the time that Clare beings to complain a bit more, Chelsea explains discipline with a bit of skin on skin. At this point, Clare has had enough. She starts to wiggle as the pain is beginning to become severe. When Clare asks why Chelsea removed her underwear, she received the response "For a bare bottom spanking for a cheating whore." By this time, Clare has exhibited her traditional manner for receiving a spanking. She has tightly clasped her hands together and squeezes them when the pain becomes a bit too much. Chelsea is an expert at delivering a good bare-bottom spanking. Clare's bottom is showing the effects. It is now fully red and is the color of an expert spanking.

Chelsea wonders about the contents of Clare's purse. She has noticed a handle protruding from the top of the open bag. As she starts to browse the contents of the purse on the floor by her legs, she finds a hairbrush. This is no ordinary purse hairbrush. This hairbrush is a nice hard wooden, straight backed, monster of a hairbrush. It must measure four by five inches. It occupied almost all of the contents of the purse.

What a find! Clare is going to experience a little hairbrush discipline on her fully warmed-up bottom. Chelsea states "A hairbrush! Now let's see who is going to kick butt." And with that, lays the brush down fully on Clare's cheeks. Clare's comments are now turning into cries of pain. No longer is she being a brattish mom. She is now acting like a little girl getting a hairbrush spanking. Her hips are now beginning to wiggle quite violently as Chelsea rains the brush down again and again on Clare's cheeks. Soon, Clare's bottom is beginning to show the white areas of a good hairbrush spanking as well.

At this point, Clare breaks down and cries. Her mascara starts to run down her teary cheeks. It is one thing to have a set of red bottom cheeks, but to have a set of dirty lined cheeks is almost too much. When Chelsea has completed, she finally says "Now you know when things are not fair." Clare threatens to go to the league and turn Chelsea into the authorities. This is abuse. This is assault.

Chelsea starts to relent. Perhaps she spanked Clare a bit too much. Perhaps she went too far. (This reviewer does not believe that for a moment. Clare received all that she deserved.) Still, she offers to submit to Clare's revenge as a method of compensation. She offers to allow Clare to spank her. Clare manages to stifle her tears and agrees to spank Chelsea. Clare is going to show Chelsea where her son got his raw athletic prowess as Chelsea climbs over Clare's lap.

Clare is the type of spanker who tries to hit firmly but she does not have Chelsea's regular rhythm. She slaps Chelsea firmly but in the style of the lady that she is. Eventually, she manages to pull Chelsea's long hair with one hand and slap her bottom with the other. Chelsea, in a brattish comment, says "Quite the little dominatrix, aren't you?" Clare is doing her worst trying to redden Chelsea's bottom. Chelsea is taking it as if it was a joke. That is not sitting well with Clare who tries harder. Eventually, Clare is putting her whole shoulder into the strokes. There are a few moments where Chelsea shows a grimace under Clare's onslaught. But, still, Chelsea is unmoved.

By the time that Clare raises Chelsea's skirt, you can tell that even the dark Chelsea's dark complexion is showing some redness under her panties. After a few interchanges of playful jabs, Clare picks up the pace. She is now putting everything that she has into hitting Chelsea's cheeks. Her arm is hyper-extended above her head. It isn't until Clare girdles Chelsea's panties and starts to hit her bare skin that she starts to utter those famous words "Ow...Ow..." Clare's comment is simply, "I bet you that it stings now." as Chelsea starts to squirm and kick. Chelsea is a squirmier. She can give it better than she can take it.

Fair is fair. Down come Chelsea's panties. As Clare starts on her bare bottom, Chelsea clenches her bottom muscles and extends her leg in an attempt to ward off the sting. With her hand, Clare plans to keep score for her son. She will spank Chelsea the number of times that her son scored the past season. Chelsea's bottom is now inflamed, and well warmed for the next cycle. Clare still has the hairbrush to apply. By the time that Clare stops the hand spanking, Chelsea's bottom is bright red. In addition, Clare did not spare her upper thighs. There is about a handful at the top of Chelsea's thighs that match the color of her bottom. It is always nice to have a matching ensemble. Of course, Clare's hand is also quite inflamed by this time as well.

The final step is when Clare reaches for the hairbrush from her purse. Does Chelsea remember this item? Yes, but she does not need any grooming tips from Clare. Still, Clare is going to groom Chelsea's derrière. Clare starts as she did with her hand spanking; a slap here and a slap there. Chelsea can thank goodness that Clare does not know how to burn a hairbrush into her bottom. Still, Clare does a reasonable job getting Chelsea to squirm and complain with the brush. Chelsea ends up counting out the last twenty five strokes of the hairbrush as it bounces off her bottom.

This film brings back to major performers in the spanking arts; Chelsea Pfeiffer, who can deliver an exceptional spanking, and Clare Fonda who can take one. The combination of the two is bound to put any film on my "must see" list.

The scenario, although a bit far fetched, is possible; especially when you consider what some of the fathers do to promote their sons. I can suspend the disbelief without much trouble. And that adds to the realism of the film.

Chelsea, as I indicated, does a much better job of spanking Clare. Clare does a much better job of taking a hard spanking. Chelsea has trouble receiving a spanking from Clare in the latter stages. Fortunately, for Chelsea, Clare does a better job of taking a spanking than she does giving one.

Still, I loved the film. The two ladies, friends in real life, play off each other. The dynamics of the personalities leads to a very enjoyable forty minutes. Now, if only I had a son who played soccer? Do you think that I could get to spank the other team members? Nah, but I guess that I can wonder.... What would I do? Maybe one day I will find out. In the mean time, there is always the play button on the DVD player.

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SECOND REVIEW BY : Eric Blair-Brown

Soccer moms can be a pain in the butt. They're over protective, they get way too much involved in the game and they're only real benefit to the game is orange slices. It's this, my child or nothing attitude, is the basis of the latest Chelsea Pfeiffer production. The battle over a soccer scholarship leads to two moms giving each other a good spanking. Claire Fonda's character has found that her child and Chelsea's son are up for the same scholarship. They begin to discuss the matter in an adult way, but soon the begin attacking the playing style of the boys.

When Chelsea has had enough of Clare's argument, she takes matters into her own hands. She throws Clare over her knee and begins to spank her. She whacks Fonda over her pants, and on her bare backside. To end the punishment, she uses a hairbrush to bring Clare to tears.

After accusing Chelsea of assault, she gives Pfeiffer the option of the police or a spanking. Soon, Chelsea is over Fonda's knee. Pfeiffer's verbal reaction is great. She sarcastically harasses Clare. While she's winning the war of words, she is also inciting Fonda to intensify the spanking. Clare also ends the punishment with a good hairbrush spanking.

So who gets the scholarship? Who knows who cares? The premise is a sound one and so are the spankings. It's another good product from Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions.

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