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Now You'll Get Something to Cry About

Starring: Fiona as the daughter
Mr. David as "Daddy"
Miss Gillian Lancer as Sandra
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film touches on a subject that may be sensitive to some people. It involves a fantasy of a daddy figure spanking a "young" daughter. This is a fantasy. The young lady, Fiona, while she presents herself being of a young school age, is obviously beyond that.

The film opens with Fiona, the daughter, dressing in her room. Mr. David, playing a "daddy", walks in and admonishes her to wear her school uniform. This is the last day of the term. She is to dress appropriately. When he leaves, she decides to not wear the tie and to wear her own shoes. This is, after all, the last day.

Later in the day, he returns and finds that she is still not appropriately dressed. Violating school rules and defiance are only a couple of her faults. He sits down on the bed and says the immortal words, known to all little girls about to be spanked, "I am waiting." Her reply is simply "It is not fair" as she goes over his knees. A few good, hard, slaps turns her bottom crimson. She manages to show some looks of pain, amidst the "ow"s and "ooh"s. When she is let up it is to put her hands on her head. He must go prepare for their guest.

The guest, Miss Lancer, arrived shortly thereafter. Immediately the conversation centers on Fiona. Mr. David says that she is so defiant, disobedient, and devious. Miss Lancer offers a suggestion in that she knows how to deal with girls like this. Fiona's daddy summons her. On the introductions, Fiona extends her hand. Miss Lancer gives her an icy cold stare. She goes on to dismiss her uniform and say that it would be unacceptable at her school. Miss Lancer comments, "She is not only willfully disobedient, but she is sneaky and nasty. She is obviously a lot more intelligent than she is putting over here."

Mr. David has decided to take Fiona over his knee and "spank the daylights out of her" for her attitude. He turns around a chair, sits down, and says, again, that he is waiting. She can only shrug her shoulders and climb over his knee. He gives her about a dozen good whacks and then Fiona is let up. He tells Miss Lancer that perhaps he is not being hard enough. Miss Lancer immediately offers her assistance in "keeping with standards". She takes her position in the chair, straightens her skirt, and signals to Fiona that she is to go over her knee. Fiona complies. Miss Lancer starts to spank her knickers covered bottom. She is a hard and fast spanker but does not keep up a rhythm. It is a fast strike like a cobra rather than the pace of a jogger. Still, it must hurt. When she is complete, Fiona again stands with her hands on her head.

Mr. David says that if her attitude does not improve, she will be spanked each night for the week. To prove his point, he pulls down her knickers and departs to retrieve her toys. Now Fiona's bare bottom is on display. Miss Lancer wastes no time in suggesting to her that she should be good. Apparently, she must remain a bit longer than she planned.

Upon his return with her toys, he tells Fiona that he is to be addressed as "Father, Sir". Fiona still has an attitude. He instructs her to leave the skirt and knickers where they are and to clean up the tea setting. Fiona makes a mess of the job. Mr. David decides to spank her again. This time, it is over the table. He uses a slipper on her bare bottom. She flinches and jumps with each swat of the shoe sole. About all that she can say is "ow...ow...ow..." When she is let up, she returns to her attention position with her hands on her head.

Miss Lancer discusses Fiona's situation with her father. She is to spend the holidays with her. To help explain the situation, Fiona is again put over the table while Miss Lancer uses the same slipper on her back side cheeks.

After Miss Lancer has had a go at her, her father tells all of the caning yesterday. Her answer is an unacceptable so he takes her over his knee again for a few more good slaps to her naked rear end. After that, her father and Miss Lancer go have a talk, leaving Fiona alone.

The next scene has Miss Lancer talking to Fiona back in the same room. Miss Lancer feels that Fiona's behavior has been substandard. Her father is planning to cane Fiona. (Was there any doubt? This is, after all, a British spanking video.) Miss Lancer plans to warm herself up spanking Fiona's bottom again. She has Fiona stretch herself across the table. Since the shirt tail was not tucked into the knickers, she pulls down the knickers. Miss Lancer immediately starts to spank Fiona's bottom hard and quickly. Fiona cannot take the immediate pain and starts to cry out. (Sorry, there is no warm-up here.) She starts to squirm under the onslaught. Just in time, her father returns and holds her down to the table. There is no love in this family; only punishment. Miss Lancer continues to rain pain down upon Fiona's cheeks. When Miss Lancer finishes, her father inspects the handy-work that was performed on Fiona's backside. He then instructs her to remove the skirt. That did not matter. She had her skirt pulled up for most the spankings.

When she has disrobed, folded the skirt, and put it at end of the table, he picks up a cane and positions her to the opposite end of the table. She bends over the table and puts her head into her arms. When Fiona is asked how many does she deserve, she replies "two". He does not deal with two. They settle on two dozen strokes. In reality, she only gets a total of six.

He starts to use the cane on Fiona's bottom. The girl is having trouble even taking the first stroke. She has already broken down into tears. After the first two, her father decides that since she did not count them properly, they must start again. She still can't count but her father stops at the point of six strokes. Both he and Miss Lancer leave Fiona alone. Fiona wastes no time in getting up and furiously rubbing her smarting bottom cheeks.

The next scene has her father and Miss Lancer showing Fiona her new school uniform. They decide that the skirt should be a bit shorter. Miss Lancer removes a large pair of shears from the kitchen drawer and cuts the back of the skirt up to just cover the knickered bottom. How embarrassing! The costume ends up looking like "Sheena from the Jungle," or the hottest of "hot pants." She ends up back over the table when her father raises what is left of the skirt and pulls down her knickers. She will receive another ten strokes of the cane. Like before, she has trouble taking the cane. She groans, moans, and squirms with each stroke.

Allowed back up, she again puts her hands on her head. This lady must love to leave them there as she is in this position so often. After a few more minutes of lecturing Fiona, Miss Lancer decides that since she is holding the cane, she should continue to cane Fiona. Needless to say, Fiona just drapes herself across the table; still naked from the waste down earlier.

Miss Lancer will give her the remaining dozen and a half strokes. She starts in to cane Fiona. Her technique is not as harsh as her "father's", but is equally effective. Fiona starts in counting strokes "one thank you Miss', "two thank you miss." All the while, she is trying to rub against table. Upon the completion of the caning, Fiona's bottom is quite swollen and red. The cane strokes are very visible and the film ends.

This film, as I said at the start, is about the spanking, slippering, and caning of a young girl who pretends to be a child to her "daddy". If films of this nature entice you then this one is a good example of that form. If you are offended by the possible pretence of a child spanking, then this is not your film.

The young girl, who we never really know her first name and is played by Fiona, does a very good job of being a British girl, the age of a "former". In addition, with the exception of the cane, she can take most of the punishments without undue stress. The cane does not seem to be her "cup of tea".

Miss Lancer played a friend to the house. As such, her prerogative to spanking the daughter seemed a bit out of place. Still, she did a far better job of spanking Fiona than her father did.

The father figure, Mr. David, is a bit strange. He does not show any love to the child that he disciplines. This is not a discipline video. This is a punishment video. The girl is just punished and beaten without loving care. The punishments seem to be a bit extreme for the minor infractions that she has supposedly committed. Still, this is a spanking video. It would not do to have a simple dressing down. You, and I, want to see a red bottom.

Fiona ended up with a red bottom; a very red, swollen, and stripped bottom.

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