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Sophie Dee's Spanking Confessions

21 Minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 2/12/10

Sophie is interviewed, internet-porno style, by we presume Claire Fonda as the voice behind the camera, about her teenage spanking experiences. Sophie is a cute, vivacious, potty-mouthed, and naughty blonde, who communicates quickly that a good spanking for her might not be a bad idea at all. The spanking memories will be depicted by flashback.

In the first scene, Sophie's mother has dragged her home from the shopping mall, where she has been a pill. She is taken firmly OTK and spanked on cute boyshorts. "I don't care how cosmopolitan you are." The spanking is mild, there is a lot of talk while she is over her mother's lap. She keeps her bottom high and prominent. Shorts down, pink panties remain, the spanking is starting to hurt. Pants down--zoom in on a red squirming bottom. "I'm going to give you 50 more. You're going to count them." 50 fast smacks.

After Sophie explains what it was like to be spanked by her mother, we move to the next flashback--her mother is forcing her to do her homework. She doesn't do it of course and is bent over the back of a straight chair, plaid school skirt flipped up for a handspanking on the bare. This bit of encouragement needs to be repeated a short time later, because she still won't finish her work; leopard panties have to come down.

The last flashback Sophie presents involves a little ceremony and tradition involving her 21st birthday. A boyfriend does the honors, demin skirt, pink panties, and quickly on the bare. He asks: "You're sure you're not getting turned on by this?"

That concludes this performance, not much of a plot, and not much instructive about CP technique. The redeeming feature is Sophie herself. The accusatory, journalistic camera angles help with the erotcism too.

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