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Sore Losers

Written and Directed by: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Starring: Angie Sunshine
Virginia Lewis
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Mark Fisher as Todd
Review by: David Pierson

In recent months we have been treated to several excellent releases from the major spanking production houses. In a season of that has given us so many great videos, it must be said that Sore Losers is in a class of its own. Has there been a video produced this year with more star power? This production features the talents of the glamorous Angie (don't call me Angel) Sunshine, Virginia Lewis, the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer and newcomer Mark Fisher in the role of Todd. (No pressure there Mark.) I should note that the majority of this video features Mr. Fisher spanking the lovely bottom of Ms. Sunshine. The remaining part of this production features Chelsea Pfeiffer and Virginia Lewis spanking Mark. If you find the fem/dom thing to be a bit of a turn off do not let that dissuade you. You'll come for (or to) the spanking of the beautiful Angie and you will stay for the wonderful, over- the -top, performances of Chelsea Pfeiffer and Virginia Lewis as they spank the daylights out of Mark's behind.

In the first portion of this production, Angie Sunshine gives us the performance of her career. This section of this video is so hot that your VCR or DVD player may melt. Now don't write me later and complain. You have been warned. As the story opens we learn that Todd and Angie are a young couple vacationing in Palm Springs. Angie is in the process of explaining to Todd that she had lost their vacation money while gambling at a nearby Indian casino. Soon, the enraged Todd pulls the beautiful Angie across his lap to give her " the spanking of her life." After only a few swats over her fashionable skirt and sexy panties, Angie's bottom is bared. This is one of the most intense spankings ever featured in a Shadow Lane production. Blow after blow rains down upon Angie's beautiful bottom. With each strike of Todd's hand Angie's bottom quivers in the most enticing manner. Bent over Todd's lap Angie's charms are fully exposed. In other words, we get a good view of Ms. Sunshine's shaved vagina and anus, the ultimate sign of submission. All through her punishment Angie is crying out in pain. After a few minutes of hand spanking, Todd applies the Shadow Lane hairbrush to Angie's already sore bottom. Angie cries out with each strike of the brush. Adding to our erotic pleasure is the wonderful editing of this production. We get to see Angie's lovely bottom struck with the hairbrush and the subsequent reaction on her face. I must say that Angie gives great face. In all too many spanking videos the facial response of the person being spanked is neglected. This is never the case with a Shadow Lane production. For the final phase of her chastisement, Angie is made to remove all of her clothing. In one of the hottest spanking sequences ever filmed, the completely naked Angie is bent over the bed and spanked very hard. All that Angie could do in response to the rapid blows that were descending upon her burning bottom was to cry and wiggle. After that things seem to have grown hazy. I may have temporally lost consciousness just prior to the conclusion of Angie's segment. Sensory overload I suppose. (Well something was overloaded)

The fem/dom portion of this production begins with a knock on the door shortly after Todd had concluded his punishment of the Angelic Angie. As I noted earlier in this review, even if this genre' of spanking video erotica is not to your taste you will still find this session absolutely compelling. The performances given by Mark Fisher, Virginia Lewis and most especially, Chelsea Pfeiffer are extraordinary. Upon answering the door, Todd is confronted by Chelsea and Virginia. These dominant women were sharing the room next to his and they were disturbed by Angie's plaintive cries as Todd spanked her bare bottom. Chelsea and Virginia grabbed Todd the Terrible and pulled him into their room. Once there, Chelsea tells Todd that he should be ashamed of himself for the way he beat that poor innocent girl. To this Todd replies " Hey, I didn't beat her...I spanked her." To this Chelsea retorts " Oh sure, that's why we heard Ow! ,I'm sorry!, Please stop! coming through our wall." Chelsea actually performed a perfect imitation of the sound Angie made during her punishment. At this point Chelsea decides that Todd needs a dose of his own medicine. Chelsea pulls Todd over her knee and initiates a very intense punishment session. During this punishment session, Todd's naked bottom is treated to a taste of many nasty implements of torment. The two women take turns beating Mark with a hairbrush, birch, tawse, paddle and a flogger. Chelsea's dominant performance deserves special mention. Her line delivery was completely over-the -top. She came across as both humorous and fearsome. If there was a special award for the best female performance in a dominant role it would have to go to Ms. Pfeiffer. (I will contact the Academy about this idea.) Chelsea is also a master in the use of most if not all implements of chastisement. Her expert use of the flogger and tawse was a highlight of the fem/dom session. Virginia Lewis, appearing in her first video role in several years, played well off of Chelsea's lead. Todd's bottom was beaten until it was a glowing red and he pleaded for mercy. If you are a fan of fem/dom you will find this section of the video to be an intensely erotic experience and if you are not you will adore the performances. Before I saw this video, Tony Elka told me that Chelsea and Virginia were going to do a fem/dom session as it had never been done before. To be truthful, I chalked this statement up to be the hyperbole of an enthusiastic artist. After witnessing this wonderful production I must admit that this was a fem/dom presentation unlike any that I had witnessed before.

I strongly recommend this Shadow Lane production of "Sore Losers" to all fans of spanking video erotica. As with all Shadow Lane videos, the production values were of the highest quality. Tony Elka deserves special mention for his masterful editing of this production. Once again Eve Howard has shown herself to be the consummate artist. She has written a wonderful script and brought it to life through her exceptional cast. As the director of this piece she allowed for some improvisation that made this production uniquely entertaining and amazingly erotic. For me, two performances stand out in this work. Angie Sunshine was terrific in the role of the punished, nascent gambler. She threw herself into her part with an abandon that I had not seen from her before. This was a breakout performance for Ms. Sunshine. Is she continues to give performances like this she will standout as one of the hottest stars of this medium. Also, I must mention Chelsea Pfeiffer's spectacular performance once more. Chelsea is simply an amazing performer. She delivers her improvised lines in a manner that is similar to the way a Jazz musician plays the melody. In other words, she delivers her lines before and after the beat. (sorry)

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