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Sorry Miss

33 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/25/08.

Standard classroom schoolgirl scenario, except that Red Stripe has fitted out both the classroom with full furniture and equipment, and 2 girls in elegant schoolgirl regalia. And the schoolmarm is "Miss Parker," whose reputation for red marks precedes her. The girls are getting a scolding, soon to become a scalding, if we read the marquee outside correctly. First Parker gives them a handspanking. A school employee interrupts. A stolen wristwatch has been found in Samantha's locker. Samantha is a short compact pigtailed blonde. Parker's mission is increased.

The spankings begin in ernest. Samantha bends over for a handspanking. Emma, also a short blonde (in this film), played by the actress Catherine Corbett, smirks with pleasure at what's going to happen to Samantha. Parker pulls down Samantha's white pants, all the while she protests her innocence of the theft. For good measure, Parker gives Emma the same spanking. Two bare bottoms over desks.

The bare-bottomed girls are left to contemplate. Parker returns and the handspanking continues. Samantha fetches a stool--Parker is ready with the strap. The girls are not going to get off easy. First Samantha just bends over for the strap and gets her palms strapped for trying to cover up. Then she kneels on the stool--this is an erotically precarious perch. She has to spread her knees to maintain balance and resist being toppled by the strap. The strapping intensifies and our view of Samantha's charms is panoramic. But she's innocent! Emma soon finds herself also exposed up on the stool. Parker excels at this sweet torment.

Parker gets a fistful of canes, not just one, but a sheath of them! Samantha, poor dear, will be first, over Parker's desk for 20 crisp strokes, probably repeats, with several nice angles. looks like she's going to have the bejesus beaten out of her bottom till she confesses. Emma bends over for her 15. another session for Sam--15 more; then more for Emma.

Sam faces the cane again--back and forth we go. she's got lines and welts, testimony to Parker's skill. Another teacher happens to look in and is no doubt fascinated by the two bare beaten bottoms (and female!) on display. He mentions the headmaster has caught the wristwatch thief---it wasn't Samantha. Parker looks into the camera as if to say: "Oops." But we suspect she is thinking what we are thinking--no harm ever comes from spanking a British schoolgirl bottom.

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