Updated Review by John O'Connell posted 2/19/10

I took out a membershp and then realized there is a fairly new review of this site. For some reason I locked on to my 2004 review. But, anyway, I can't really write a better review that Ludwig since the site hasn't changed that much in the last year. New updates are posted every week with photo galleries and videos. The video update is one clip and includes the entire scene, no waiting three months to see the conclusion. The quality has been improved dramatically over the years with a screen size now of 960x576, a frame rate of 25.00fps, and a data transfer rate of 1000Kbps. Scenes are also fairly lengthy lasting between 10-20 minutes. Cost of membership is 34.95 USD for 30 days.

Guest Review by Ludwig ( posted on 2/27/09

"Sound Punishment" is one of the spanking paysites I like to refer to as "orchid sites". No, it doesn't mean that the girls get thrashed with a bouquet of flowers - that would certainly be original, but also pretty ineffective from a disciplinary point of view. What I mean is that "Sound Punishment" is among the smaller, less grandiose, but thoroughly enjoyable CP sites. While it isn't as slick and super-professional as some of the big producers, it has a distinct charm and individuality of its own, and it is a labour of love. In other words, it's one of the places that make our kinky cyberspace so much fun to explore.

The site was started in 2003 by Aegean (aka The Headmaster) and his wife, a pair of spankos from the north of England. Aegean is one of the well-known male tops in the UK video scene, as he has also worked with several other sites (and if you're interested in a bit more personal info, he took part in the "Kinky Island Discs" series on Spanked Hortic's blog). With "Sound Punishment", he and his partner aim to make movies focusing on "the realistic depiction of corporal punishment in adult role-play situations".

The fact that this is not one of the high profile paysites doesn't mean that there is nothing to see. On the contrary - at the time of this writing, the members area features 100 video clips and over 150 photo galleries, definitely enough to keep you busy for a while. The older videos are in Real Media format (usually 450 kb/s), the newer ones are .wmv's with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. They vary in length from 3 to over 27 minutes, with the majority falling into the 10 to 15 minutes category.

These are not silent "thrashing only" clips like those of some other producers, but full-blown short films with a story, role-playing and plenty of dialogue. Most of the scenes are M/F and one-on-one, but there are a couple of F/F videos and scenarios with more than two participants. The interpersonal chemistry is good and it is obvious that there are genuine spanking enthusiasts at play here, people who understand the psychology of it all and know what makes a scene work. The results are delightful to watch. Overall, there is a nice balance between acting and action, and much of the stern, subdued "headmaster and schoolgirl" eroticism that fans of classical CP will love.

The movies are divided into "school themed" and "domestic themed". As you can see, the subject matter isn't terribly new, but it is well-executed and everyone is having fun. Titles like "Latin Lashing", "The Netball Coach's Revenge", "School Reunions Can Be Painful" and "Teenage Tanning Tantrum Tamed" are unambiguous evidence of that. The technical craftsmanship is decent - I'd say it's quite impressive, actually, considering that "Sound Punishment" once started out as a small home video showcase, basically. The quality of the material was solid from day one and has improved ever since, with the help of new cameras and equipment. In time, the cast came to include well-known professional victims like Emma Bishop, Pandora Blake, Niki Flynn and Amelia-Jane Rutherford.

In good traditional fashion, there are plenty of hand spankings and canings. Many of the other classical CP implements are used as well: slippers, rulers, martinets, leather and wooden paddles, hairbrushes, and so forth. By and large, the severity is moderate - not too light, but not super-vicious, either. Hardcore sadists and bloodhounds should look elsewhere to get their fix. But if you want to watch something a bit more subtle and creative, like interesting role-play and chemistry, "Sound Punishment" is an excellent choice.

In addition to the original video and picture content, the archives include "Reader's Wives Galleries" and "Guest Photo Stories". The latter section has some material from other sites like "Spanking Online" (used with permission, of course). Lastly, there are two spanking audio stories, each of them 6 minutes long, in .ram format - a small, but entertaining little bonus. "Sound Punishment" also has its own official blog "We Spank Girls", which is updated with the latest previews whenever there's an addition to the main site.

If you like what you see, you can also give the sister site "Hi Definition Spanking" a try, which has a selection of the "Sound Punishment" movies as high-quality, wide-screen .wmv's.

Guest Review of a particular scene: Added on 10/12/07

Here's my video review from "THe Eletricity Inspector" from the Sound Punishment website.

I like this particular movie as it has a decent story line. It features a rather sexy, feisty lady as the owner of an up-market bar. The movie starts with the visit of an electricity inspector who is visiting her premises to check the wiring meets safety standards.

She is a lovely looking, slim girl with brown hair almost down to her waist. And is wearing a low-cut, off the shoulder black and white polka dot dress which is tightly fitted at the top and flaring out at the bottom finishing about 4 inches above the knee. Grey suede high heels complete the ensemble. He's a rather dour, bespectacled middle-age man.

As they walk around the premises with him explaining various sockets which are unsafe, etc. He continues that he may have to shut her bar down until it's fixed. She, on the other hand, is very condescending. Telling him that it's impossible, she has a big evening coming up guest celebreties, etc. That as the owner of several clubs, she's not going to be dictated to by this "silly little man". (Personally, I like this "foreplay", of the type where you think "this minx needs taking down a peg or two).

Anyway, the inspector then produces some paperwork to show that he does indeed have the authority to shut her down. At this her attitude changes and there's a bit of "hands on hips" and pouting from her. This is a girl who is used to getting her own way. A smile here,a pout there and most men will come running.

She invites him to sit down for a drink with her on the sofa to discuss the problem. And for the next few minutes she uses all her "womanly wiles" to persuade him to drop his threat. She subtly adjusts the top of her dress revealing a bit more of her cleavage. Then crossing and uncrossing her legs, draws them slowly under her thereby revealing even more of her gorgeous legs. (I know by now I'd have succumbed).

Eventually, she tells him that she's sure they can "come to an arrangement" and we're left in doubt what that is. However, he tells her he's "happily married". He continues by telling her that what she needs is a good old- fashioned spanking. Laughingly, she can't believe he'd prefer to spank her rather than accept her "offered delights", but accepts as a way of keeping her bar open.

Over the knee she goes, and the spanking starts over her now extremely short dress. This is soon pulled up to reveal absolutly miniscule black and white polka dot panties, with ties at the side. There's plenty of face shots revealing that she's certainly not laughing now. She's grimacing and pleading with him to stop. He ignores her protests and very soon, the skimpy panties are pulled downn to her knees and she's spanked on her bare bottom.

Eventually he stops, and while he looks through the paperwork, we're treated to the erotic sight of her standing up with her dress up around her waist, panties still around her knees, rubbing her really red bottom with her hands. Her red varnished finger nails giving the final touch.

Her embarassment is complete when he tells her that she still can't open until the work is finished and he'll be back in three days. If it's not finished she'll know what to expectv and more. The movie ends with a look on her face as though to say "this has all been in vain".

Regards- LondonMan

Initial Review by John O'Connell: 4/1/04

Sound Punishment is one of several amateur run spanking sites that have hit the net in the last year. This particular site is run by a husband and wife that are the primary participants. There are a few times where there is a guest lady, but for the most part the content is focused on these two. With that said, one might jump to the conclusion that the site and the content held therein is rather boring and mundane. Well, one shouldn't jump to conclusions. I was rather impressed with the professional nature of the video segments that are offered in the members area. Currently, there are nine full featured mini-movies. I say mini-movie, because many of these are rather lengthy, some averaging over twenty minutes. The quality of the segments are also above what I had expected. They are of an acceptable size and are clear to watch. I was also impressed by the quality of the action involved in each. The user has the option of downloading the film in parts or as a single zip file. When new films are posted, the sections are posted first with the zip file added after all parts have been uploaded. In addition to the mini-movies, there are currently 28 photo galleries with a nice assortment of photos in each. Each photo in a gallery is thumb nailed for easy viewing with the actual imagine being high resolution. Each gallery features a different scenario and outfits. The site also offers audio stories, which I found to be quite unique. There are two online at this time and they are specific to this site. It's like having someone read you a bedtime story of spanking with the sound effects. Pretty neat. Finally, the site rounds out with a large selection of guest photos that were given to them from other sites. It's quite a nice package. If you like amateur spanking and what I've described sounds like it would be of interest to you, then I think Sound Punishment would be worth a look.

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