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Southern Strappings

Written, Directed and Produced by: Mr. "M"
Lady "D"
Miss "J"
Starring: Mr. "M"
Lady "D"
Review by: David Pierson

After I finished watching this video I just sat there stunned. I felt strange and lightheaded. I then took my pulse. At least that's what I told my wife when she walked in unexpectedly. She inquired, " Why were your hands in your pants if you were taking your pulse? I simply informed her that I was using my femoral artery. I then told her to go play with her vibrators, as I had to take notes once I was done "checking my pulse." What can one say about this very intense experience in corporal punishment erotica? I firmly believe that this video should come with a warning label. This production is not for the faint of heart. This video is so intense that it may kill you from excitement. It is not recommended for those suffering from cardiac or lung disorders. Hey, if you ask me, you only live once. Go ahead and watch it. Just have a team of paramedics standing by. Each scene starts with a bang (the sound of hard leather striking naked flesh) and ends with a pretty young girl whimpering. If you are a fan of hard hitting spanking action, then this video is for you. The punishments administered by Mr. "M" and Lady "D" are not only severe but this video is extremely intense. I needed a sedative after watching it the first time. One extreme vignette of corporal punishment leads directly to the next. (You get no time to recover.) You may need to take a day off from work after having viewed this well- made corporal punishment film.

Scene I: Katie Caught Drinking
Featuring Mr. "M" and Katie

The beautiful Katie was found drinking alcohol on the premises of the RS Institute of Learning. Not the best of ideas there Katie. She was sentenced to a belt spanking to be administered by Mr. "M". Katie was instructed to lower her jeans and her thong panties. " Are they panties?", Mr. "M" inquires as Katie lowered her practically non-existent undies. She was made to bend over and place her hands on a chair. Mr. "M", using a brown leather belt, struck the pretty brunette's naked bottom full force. As the belt found its target Katie exclaimed " Oh my God!" As the next lash of the belt stuck with even more force, Katie shouted out and wiggled her bottom from the pain. " Keep your bottom still!", Mr. "M" directed. " I can't sir!" Katie tearfully responded. Mr. "M" then lashed Katie hard across her upper things. She screamed as the belt struck the sensitive parts of her upper legs. Katie agreed to stay still after that. Blow after blow was then delivered to Katie's quivering bottom with great force. Katie sobbed through her intense chastisement. As her punishment came to an end tears were streaming down the lovely young woman's face. The camera then focused on her red and welted bottom.

It was very clear from her response that Katie was truly sorry. (That she got caught)

Scene II: Misty gets The Belt
Featuring: Lady "D" and Misty

As this scene opens, the exceedingly cute and pajama clad Misty is sitting on her bed reading a magazine. Suddenly, in walks the woman who put the FU in fun. (That's Lady "D" if you aren't in the know.) Misty's eyes open wide as she sees the thick leather belt that Lady "D" was carrying. " You are in big trouble now little girl", Lady "D" informed the clearly worried Misty. She made Misty place herself over two pillows on her bed so that her bottom was thrust upwards into ideal punishment position. Then Lady D lowered Misty's pajama bottoms. " Now it's big trouble for you!" the disciplinarian informed her bare bottomed charge. She instructed the young woman that she was going to suffer ten lashes with the belt. The camera work in this portion of the video was simply masterful. As Lady "D" struck Misty's naked bottom full force with the thick belt, the pain on the young girl's face was exquisitely captured. By the time her punishment was at an end, tears were streaming down young Misty's face and her bottom was red and welted.

Scene III: Holly's Second Punishment Profile
Featuring Lady "D" and Holly

Message to all spanking models in the employ of Don't be late for your sessions!!! It seems that Holly was late for her session with Lady "D". As the chapter opens on the story of Holly's chastisement, the tall and attractive young woman is naked, standing with her back to the camera and her bottom already reddened. She had just received an over the knee spanking by Lady "D" as part of her punishment profile. The punishment profile is really a spanking screen test for would be additions to's stable of spanking ingenues. It seems that Holly was late for her appointment that morning and she was going to pay dearly for her tardiness. Lady "D" enters the frame carrying a leather belt. She instructs Holly to bend over and place her hands on a chair. Then Our Lady of Intense and Lasting Pain begins to strike Holly's bottom with that nasty leather implement of punishment. Each blow was delivered with all of the force the Lady called "D" could muster. (That's a lot of me) Holly's bottom jumped as blow after blow from the strap found its mark. " Maybe after this you will be on time for your appointments" (I know that I would) Lady "D" scolded as Holly's bottom turned a deep shade of red. After completing Holly's lesson in timeliness, Lady "D" made Holly kneel on the floor with her red bottom stuck out for us to see.

Scene IV: Brandi's Office Strapping
Featuring Lady "D" and Brandi

It seems that schoolgirl Brandi has been acting up in class. Lady "D" led her to the office for her punishment. She bent the naughty schoolgirl over the desk, raised the skirt of her uniform and beat her panty-clad bottom very hard with a leather strap. The camera gave us the perspective from both the punished and the punisher as we are treated to shots from the back and face shots capturing Brandi's distress.

Scene V: Jessica's Bikini Strapping
Featuring: Lady "D" and Jessica

Jessica decided to take the day off from school and go swimming. Considering that she would have to face the woman who put the FU in fun upon her arrival home, you could say that out little refugee from the musical "Annie" had taken a short vacation from her sanity. Lady "D" inquired as to what she was thinking? " Well it was hot so I took the day off from school", the cute freckle faced redhead replied. This was clearly the wrong answer. Jessica was made to take off her cover up and strip down to her bikini. She was instructed to climb onto the nearby bed and place herself on all fours. Soon Jessica was shouting in pain as Lady "D" began to strap her bikini bottoms with the strap. Let me just say that when Lady "D" hits someone with the strap... they are hit with the strap... HARD! I'll bet Jess went to school the next day. She may have been limping, but I'll bet she went.

Scene VI: Faces Series- Holly

I'm not sure what Holly did to deserve the intense punishment that she received, but it must have been a capital offense. In this scene the Heavenly Holly receives an intense punishment with the dreaded strap paddle at the hands of a male employee of the RS Institute. (Sorry, but I don't know his name.) Holly was lead into the living room and made to kneel on a chair with her bottom thrust out. This scene is amazing to watch. One camera catches the action from the back and another is focused onto her lovely face. As the strap found its mark, the face camera registered the pain on her face. Believe me, Holly gives great face. Her punishment is initiated over her tightly fitting blue jeans and soon proceeds to her bare bottom. As blow after blow fell upon her beautiful, naked bottom, her derriere took on that shade of red that can only be seen at sunset during a phase IV smog alert. While her bottom was being intensely punished, the face cam registered her tears shed in response to her pain. Tears shed for us.

Scene VII: Faces- Sami
Featuring Sami and Mr. "M"

This scene is very intense and yet you see nothing but the lovely Sami's face. The camera is completely focused on young Sami's face as Mr. "M" straps her behind with a strap. After but a few blows with the strap Sami begins to cry. As the blows begin to pile up, Sami starts to sob uncontrollably. When asked by the man called "M" if she was learning her lesson, her response was vitally unintelligible. This vignette was very sexy and yet you see nothing but Sami's tear stained visage.

Scene VIII: Isabelle Punished
Featuring Lady "D" and Isabelle

This chapter of our "tale of pain" proves Lady "D" mettle as a world class dominant. Isabelle is more than six feet tall and very muscular. This in no way intimidated Our Lady of Intense and Lasting Pain. Lady "D" made this lovely, athletic young woman remove her clothes, put her hands on the wall and accept one of the most severe strapings that I've ever witnessed. I'd have been afraid of pissing off the lovely Isabelle. I'm sure that she could crush me like a grape. With Isabelle bent over and her arms placed on the wall, the brave Lady "D" beat her large submissive with a very nasty looking black rubber strap. Each blow was delivered with all of the force that Lady "D" could generate. Soon, Isabelle was crying under the intensity of the punishment that she was enduring. By the time Lady "D" had completed Isabelle's session, the bottom of the tall, young woman was completely excoriated. I will always be nice to Lady "D". Hell, I will be nice to Isabelle as well.

Scene IX: Jessica Strapped
Featuring Lady "D" and Jessica

This is one of my favorite scenes in the production. Lady "D"'s acting ability is very underrated. She is fantastic in domestic discipline scenes. Lady "D" and Jessica have a wonderful chemistry together that is both touching and very sexy in the context of a corporal punishment scenario. As this chapter opens Jessica is sleeping on the top of her bed, dressed only in her nightgown. She had been spanked shortly before we entered the scene because she had been caught smoking. Lady "D" approaches the sleeping redhead and quietly says, " Jessica are you sleeping?" Jessica sits up rubbing her eyes and replies in the affirmative. Suddenly, Jessica's eyes open wide as she becomes aware that Lady "D" is carrying leather strap in her hand. " Oh please.. not the belt.. please!", Jessica cried. " It's for your own good. I care about you and you need to lean your lesson" responded "D". Jessica was made to lie across her bed with two pillows placed under her belly thrusting her bottom upwards into ideal punishment position. Lady "D" lowered Jessica's panties and started Jess's lesson. (I wonder if Smoke Enders has tried the Lady "D" method?) As the strap stuck the cute freckled redhead's bottom Jessica cried. Undeterred by Jessica's pleas for mercy, Lady "D" continued the correction. The punishment concluded with an intense and rapid strapping that left Jessica sobbing. After her punishment had concluded, she and Lady "D" embraced affectionately.

Scene X: Talking too Late
Featuring Lady "D" and Brandi

In this scene Brandi was caught talking to her boyfriend on the phone after curfew. Lady "D" made Brandi stand up and bend over for a strapping while leaving the phone off the hook. Brandi was humiliated at the thought of her boyfriend hearing her cries as she received her punishment. During her strapping, Brandi twice reached out to hang up the phone. She was admonished not to try to hang up the phone. Her punishment was prolonged due to her attempts to terminate the phone connection. Brandi sobbed as the harsh leather strap warmed her bottom.

XI: Jennifer's Severe Strapping:
Featuring Mr. "M" and Jennifer

Somehow the name Jennifer and the word "severe" just go together. Jennifer Severe... Hmm? This scene will lead you right into Films next production " Jennifer's Severe (see) Punishments II. In this chapter of our story of leather and punishment, Jennifer is given an intense punishment by Mr. "M". She is receives a very hard session with the strap. She is made to bend over, place he hands on the nearby bed as Mr. "M" strapped her bottom with ferocious intensity. All fans of Corporal Punishment erotica need to pay close attention to the relationship between Mr."M" and Jennifer. Young Jennifer is in the process of being trained and Mr. "M" is the master. Under "M"s tutelage, Jennifer is learning how to let go and to submit. To let go and give in to the exquisite pain. Her punishment begins over her jeans and progresses to her bare bottom.

This video production is for every fan of intense corporal punishment video erotica. This one is so intense that it will leave you breathless. You may need to watch this production with someone who knows CPR, it is just that intense. Of course, with Films production of " Southern Strappings" the revolution in spanking video erotica continues. This revolution may not be televised, but it is available on videotape and, soon, DVD.



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