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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, but hard to tell from the free area if they are updating and how often. Cost of membership is 34.05 USD/24.95 EUR for 30 Days.

Guest Review by LondonMan posted 8/24/07

Mainly girl on girl, although a couple of man spanking girl.

There's huge amount of content ie well over 40 videos with each one lasting about 20-30 mins. Visual quality is excellent with full screen possible. For slow connections, there is the opportunity to download the video in small clips, as well as full downloads. All videos are available to download unlike some sites who only you to download a few a week.

Without wishing to be condescending, Christina in particular, and several of the other girls know how they dress is important. So in some of the videos we have high heels, stockings, suspenders, French panties, sexy lingerie, etc.

Let me give you a taster of the scenarios available to view:

1. Two attractive financial advisers keep bothering a homeowner by trying to persuade her to buy an insurance policy. She locks the door and both girls get a severe over the knee bare bottom spanking. Stockings, suspenders and very sexy underwear on view.

2. Two girls in PE uniform which is both too tight and too short, are spanked by very attractive PE teacher. She is wearing a very revealing blue T shirt and short, yellow, pleated netball skirt. This is part one so hopefully at some point we'll get to see the PE teacher get her come-uppance and receive her own leg kicking spanking in front of her pupils.

3. Stunning blonde gives her bratty younger sister a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. Enter their "mother" who is not impressed. One good feature of this video is the realistic mother. A frumpy, plain older lady who plays her part extremely well. As does the suitably humiliated older sister who finds herself minus her designer, tightly fitting jeans, across the older woman's knee. She's wearing incredibly sexy, red see through panties which are soon pulled down to her knees. Plenty of face shots of all three women as well as protests about being spanked in front of younger sister.

One of particular interest:
I've had a thing about girls washing cars, and the state they get themselves into, ever since seeing a scene from the classic movie "Debbie Does Dallas" about 25 years ago.
This video feature Shanelle, well know for running her own spanking site, and Christina and her friend. As a punishment, Christina and her friend have been set the task of washing their aunt's shiny red sports car. To build the picture, let me describe both girls. Christina is a well endowed girl with long brown hair and cute face. She's wearing a white T shirt which fits like a second skin and micro denim skirt, which just about covers her essentials. Meanwhile her friend is wearing jeans and loose strappy top with no bra. In fact her top is so revealing, that any movement, of which there is considerable, causes her breasts to jiggle in the most delightful way.
I think Christina just about manages to half-heartedly wash one wheel before the fun starts. A thrown sponge leads to a bucket of water being thrown. And before you know it, both girls are soaked and look like entrants for a Miss Wet T Shirt competition. With their breasts showing through wet T shirts, I found this more sexy than if they'd have been topless.
Enter the strict aunt Shanelle with a face like thunder. Summoning the two girls inside she demands to know what they were playing at. Of course both blame each other. This is a terrific part of the film with these two buxom beauties standing there, wet T shirt clinging to their "prize assets", hands clasped in front of them like naughty schoolgirls in front of the head-mistress. Seizing the hapless Christina by the hand, Shanelle pulls her across her knee telling her, "I saw you throw the first sponge"
Christina is so embarrassed to be treated like a kid in front of her friend especially when her aunt starts spanking her. This is made doubly so when her friend starts making faces at her.
Pretty soon, Christina's short skirt is pulled up and the spanking continues over her white lace panties.
However, Shanelle feels the friend's "mickey taking" has gone to far and she too finds herself over her aunt's knee being spanked over her tight jeans. After a while and feeling the spanking wasn't getting through, the friend has to stand and remove her jeans. Watching this sexy girl wriggle her jeans down over her womanly hips is almost worth the cost of the video itself.
But her punishment is not finished yet. As the older girl out the two, who should have known better, she suffers the humiliation of having her sexy white panties pulled down and being spanked on her bare bottom.
Eventually both girls have to submit to a bare bottom slippering, kneeling on the sofa. Needless to say, they are both contrite at the end. Even though it's mid-afternoon, they're both told to go to their bedrooms. And the last we see of them is trooping off to bed, faces miserable in just their T-shirts and high-heels.

Definetely well worth joining.

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