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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and updating. A new video is loaded every 5 days with over 100 videos online. Cost of membership is $27.00 for 30 days.

Single Clip Review by MARS posted 10/8/10
7 Minutes

A quickie, an intense session for a big, solid, sensuous sweet-faced redhead, in a foreign language we couldn't recognize. She is a girl in some sort of trouble, and she is going to get a wicked spanking in very short order.

OTK, pants down, and a big perfect bottom, milky plae skin befitting a redhead. When she bends, her vagina is on full display.

Naked, a stunning body worth pausing to contemplate, she is urged into the diaper position on the couch. She positions herself with experience, locks her arms behind her knees, and thrusts her charms into the bright lights. her male spanker uses a heavy long-handled bath brush, a fearsome tool. The paddling is only moderate, which is plenty with this brush. She develops the circular red marks typical of a sharp paddling.

To conclude, she holds in this revealing position for us to study.

Annonymous Guest Review posted 6/27/08

Two girls, who can be seen very regularly at 'girls-boarding-school' star on 'spanked-at-home', a fairly new site.

The two girls are Maggy, a German girl, and Justine, who hails from Norway.

Both girls are advertised as 'the-girl-next-types', what certainly is true. They are not outstanding beautiful super-model types, but cute enough and spankable.

'Spanked-at-home' features currently 16 full-length download films, each one about 150 MB big and about ten to fifteen minutes long. All movies are windows mediaplayer format and of excellent quality.

Each movie comes with two galleries of stills (of rather low quality) and one gallery of high quality photos, containing about 20 pictures.

All movies feature Maggy or Justine spanked by their boyfriends for some misdeed. Pure domestic punishment, as you would expect from a site called 'spanked-at-home'.

Only one movies features some f/f content, Maggy being spanked by her (really slutty) friend Sandra.

The spankings are of the severity known from 'girls-boarding-school'. Visible marks, various implements being used on sweet bare bottoms. The two girls don't take their punishments lightly, there is quite some yelping and even tears.

There is of course one thing that needs to be considered before spending 22 Dollars on this site:

Maggy and her boyfriend are Germans, thus the entire dialog in their films is in German. There is no subtitle. Same goes for Norwegian Justine. If you don't understand that language you can read an english description of what goes on, but what is actually being said in the little movie will forever remain a mystery to you. (Of course the action speaks louder than a thousand words)

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