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Spanked by Daddy

30 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/31/10

The actor Jack Uppitt keeps his pants on for this performance as a stepfather who waits up for his stepdaughter, home very late from school and very skimpily dressed for whatever she was doing. Apparently she had been skipping P.E., and Jack has been notified. "Enough is enough and I am sick of it."

She is wearing a simple undershirt, no bra, and little black shorts. Jack takes her OTK. In addition to her skipping classes, "you're back-chatting your mother." With some effort, he gets her tight shorts down to expose traditional school knickers, but skimpier. "Please, Daddy, not my bare bottom." (not yet, my dear) It is mild, slightly faked handspanking, from a guy who can turn it on.

He is going to spank her "all afternoon." pants down, "arch your bottom," and "legs apart," a coimmand he expresses repeatedly in every spanking we have seen him do. Excellent closeups, over-the-shoulder shots. Soft sobbing, good facial into camara.

After this soft spanking, Jack has his blond stepdaughter stand half-naked in front of him. He gazes leisurely at her intimacy while he explains that since she didn't want to do P.E. at school, now would be a good time and, off with the rest of her clothes. "You can't make me do P.E. in the nude." These exercises are always fun--run in place, toe-touch (Jack ensures her back is to us), twisting, etc.

More spanking. Hands-on-chair, a large thin leather paddle, on the mild side, faux swings. "Sorry is not enough.....the cane!" Bend over the couch, "legs wide," of course. Jack uses a big synthetic cane and lays on 15 strokes, on the mild side, consistent with the intensity of the punishment throughout the video. The nude humiliation was the only interesting part of this performance. You never know how far actor Uppitt is going to go. His fascination with frontal nudity has sometimes produced action.

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