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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and updating every few days with new content. Cost of membership is $24.99 USD for 30 days.

Review by John O'Connell posted on 11/14/06

Spanked Cheeks is a relatively new site brought to you by the people that put out the Vixen Ladies, Lina's House of Discipline, and Hard Spanking Vixens websites. While those sites are primarily male submissive, Spanked Cheeks takes on a different role for them with a female submissive site.

When you first enter the members area you will notice there are a number of choices for areas to look at. The first is What's New. I am a proponent of such a page as people like to know what the latest additions are, especially if you've been away from the computer for a little while. Each update listed has some information about the new content and thumbnails for images sets. The only thing that it doesn't have which would be nice is a hyperlink to the material. You have to back track to the main page and then go to the appropriate area. The next section is Coming Soon. This is nice as it gives the member an idea of what material will be posted in the near future. Each item listed has 2 thumbnailed photos which can be enlarged to full size photos.

The first content section is Galleries. Here you will find each photo story listed with a brief description and thumbnailed photo. When you click on the thumbnail, it brings you to the page for that story. Here, each photo is also thumbnailed, which expands to the larger version when you click on it. Good thing too, as the galleries I looked at had 100 photos. You have an option of how many thumbnails you'd like to view at one time ranging from 15 to 150. Each photos is also in high resolution, averaging around 1024X683. At the time of this writing, there are 30 galleries online. The Video Clip section is set up similar to the gallery area. Each feature contains it's own thumbnailed photos for each clip available as well as a brief description. It also includes the length of each clip and the total file size. When all of the parts are loaded for a particular scene, a full size file is added so you have the option of having one large file with the entire production or the separate parts. Each part lasts approximately 2 minutes and has a file size of 20 MB. Each clips plays at 1.49 mbps and has a screen resolution of 720 x 576. The clarity is very good and plays well at full screen. Each production has a different length, so the length and size of the full downloads vary.

The next section is Video Images. As you might guess, these are photos taken from the video shoots. There are currently 6 online with each having a ton of thumbnailed photos to enjoy. The photos are also high resolution and not the standard small video caption we are used to seeing. The next section is Naughty Girls. This lists all of the girls featured on the site. I think this section was done very well, as I think it's a great addition to any site that has a model listing. Each model is given several thumbnailed photos that you can click on and expand to high resolution photos. It also gives hyperlinks to each gallery/video that the model is featured on in the site. While one might think this was enough, there is actually more on the site. A Stories section features text stories for you reading pleasure with 11 currently available. An Artwork area. Information for potential models. And links to their favorite sites.

All in all, this is a pretty impressive site given how long they've been online. I think the site gives the user a good deal of material and is organized very well making it an easy navigation and pleasant experience. The cost of the site is $19.99 per month, which is pretty reasonable these days. The main page has a sample clip and photos, so check it out.

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