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Anonymous guest review posted 8/28/09

This site seems the latest addition to the Realspanking-sites, which contain, Teen Jessica, Teen Brandi and many other pretty cool sites.

The sites consists of around 50 little films so far. The films vary in length, most are at least 5 minutes long. You can choose between mp4 and wmv. Picture and sound quality is not supergood, but still good enough. At least that is my judgement. You can also stream the films directly on the site, but with much lower quality.

The setting of the films is always the same: 'Headmaster' Ken spanks a girl, or sometimes serveral, for all kinds of silly infractions at his 'academy'.

Headmaster Ken is an elderly, greyhaired guy, but at least he is able to articulate himself quite well and can lend the part of 'authority figure' some credibility. He treats the girls VERY rough, yells at them and they seem scared into submission even before he starts to spank.

The punishment he dishes out to the 'coeds' seems quite brutal. He usually makes them strip naked, sometimes there are faceslaps. Punishments almost always start over the knee, he uses his hand, than implements like hairbrushes and paddles. Later he makes the girls bend over and uses paddles, straps or canes. The girls always end up crying their eyes out. So this site is nothing for the faint at heart.

The girls who get their bottoms smacked are of course cute, like girls usually are, yet some may not like the fact, that almost all of them have numerous tatoos. (Thank god not on the bottom). But in general, you can nothing but envy 'Headmaster' Ken for having pursuaded these young Ladies to bare their bottoms for him.

You can also find the 'SpankedCoeds'-clips at clips4sale, but each one costs 5$ or more. The paysite gives the opportunity to get all clips for 15$. Not a bad deal.

Additional comments by another reader. has joined the realspankings network and is now a pay site. The spanking scenes are very real and I believe there is very little acting. All of the reactions are in response to some very hard spanking. My problem with the site is the quality of the filming or lack thereof. The videos have a lot of fill with no action which is boring to an avid spanking enthusiast. The other annoyance is that they advertise alot on spanking tube but you don't see the vignette on the site. Kind of misleading. Hope this helps people decide on whether to join the site.

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