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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is active, but I'm not sure if it is still updating. The material shown in the free area is several years old, so it's hard to figure out just by looking if they are still adding new content or not. Cost of membership is 34.05 USD/24.95 EUR for 30 days.

Individual Scene Review by MARS posted 2/18/11

F/F, 28 Minutes

We have left these productions to our Webmaster, but we happened on this one via a website, and since it featured Niki Flynn, we thought we would dally awhile.

Niki plays a vulnerable American schoolgirl who hasn't done her homework. Her British teacher (the nameplate on her door reads "Miss Hastings-Gore") is going to seize this opportunity. Ms. Flynn is coiffed in short light brown hair here, and elegantly attired in blazer, blouse, skirt, necktie, knee socks, and maryjanes--the whole nine yards if you are into schoolgirl spanking.

Ms. Flynn hangs her head submissively as her punishment approaches. OTK, tight white panties a welcome deviation from the schoolgirl kit for us. Moderate handspanking. She is required to stand and drop her pants herself, a subordinate touch we like. Camera zooms on a long handspanking.

Niki stands against the wall facing us, pants down, frontal fuzz. She will be given a verbal spelling test. The penalty for failure is obvious. (Nobody in CP films ever does very well at spelling). Here is another version of the "bottom gamble" we've seen. Errors occur and the spankings continue. She is directed to take her skirt off. "Off?" she asks. Over the desk for the paddle. The camera catches her discarded panties on the floor, like a crumpled paper towel.

Ms. Hastings seats her bare-bottom to write lines. We could have used one of those peeks behind her chair here. [a school tower bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Ms. Hastings has a very thick cane, much more than what some would call a "senior" cane, and almost a weapon. About 10 strokes, increasingly harder. After some seemingly anti-climactic palm slaps with a ruler, albeit appropriately academe and giving Ms. Flynn opportunity for facial grimaces, another bend-over for the cane, about 15. We notice an older bruise high on her left buttock--Niki is, after all, a hard-working girl in the trade.

The final cornering--Niki faces the door, bottomless, and when she puts hands-on-head, her blouse is conveniently rucked up to expose all of her red bottom which was peeking out. Nice simple stuff, well acted, every detail. We might go back and count the bell-rings.

Updated Guest Review Reviewer: Sorepalm. 1/5/07

While there's a review of this site already up at, I've decided to write another because I like what they have to offer so much. The site started out as a showcase for Sophie from girls-boarding-school, and there are currently 25 movies of her. After the 24th of these, spanked-cutie introduced movies from other suppliers, originally from England, then fairly soon from an Eastern European outfit. Where exactly they are based is not made clear, though the previous reviewer reckons Hungary. It's these bought-in movies that I'll concentrate on.

The site is simple to navigate. There's a front entrance featuring all of the models - one girl to one film generally - with direct links to sample galleries and clips of each. This gives you a clear, and free, look at what's on offer before you buy in. Photo sizes inside are larger than the samples. Movie compression works well enough, even when the pictures are filling screen. Minimum membership is fourteen days for $24.95. As updates are infrequent and irregular, this is probably the best option for those looking to rip the existing movies quickly. The quality of the content here means that the site should be worth a rejoin once more movies are available. At the time of writing (1st Jan 07) there are 74 movies inside (rather than the stated 82) featuring maybe 43 models. Sophie is in 25, even though the splash page links to just one of hers. In case you've not come across her before, her pneumatic cheeks seem precision-made to be top class German spanking targets - comfortable, generous and hard-wearing, like a BMW's bucket seats. Niki Flynn is in a couple of films too, as are one or two English ladies; then most of the rest are (presumably) Hungarian. A small number of these are in 2 films each, though this is not made obvious.

Once inside, navigation is via numeric page links at the top of the members' interface, which open pages with four to eight movies on each. There are non-zipped photosets, and options to download the movies as single files or in numerous small chunks. I was able to download several movies simultaneously, grabbing most of what I wanted in a couple of days. At a rough guess, there's maybe six gig of quality content here. The movies are roughly fifteen minutes long. Most are .rm real media files, but the latest are .wmv, which, with the flip4mac plugin, play beautifully as quicktimes on my mac. Plenty of content for very little money. The filming has been done on one, two or three high-quality digital cameras. Sound is generally good, though in a few films, it's marred by the attenuation limit being triggered by too-loud spanks and yelps.

Many of the girls are easy on the eye. They often turn up in girls-boarding-school standard outfits: tartan minis, black shoes, white knee socks, pants and shirts. For the most part they look young enough to make this work. At least four of the tops are also female and good to look at. They mostly perform in their native language, which personally I find a relief, since in my imagination their words are realistic and natural, and not at all the stale, torpid dialogue for dummies which normally precedes video spankings.

The site's standard formula is for the girls to commit some minor misdemeanour, then for the tops to reprimand them before beginning punishment over the girls' skirts. The skirts are lifted, the girls have to strip, and the spankings conclude with them naked. A few of the punishments play out with delicious cruelty, the girls seeming to take it for granted that they must submit without protest. There's an added frisson with a number of them being placed in the diaper position, which creates an unmistakable sexual overtone.

Multiple cameras and sometimes clever (sometimes clumsy) editing makes it hard for the viewer to tell how much punishment each girl takes. The girls, meanwhile, are never made to count the strokes. The implication seems to be that a stroke-count formed no part of their initial negotiations. It's obvious, when watching a Lupus Picture for instance, which actress has agreed to thirty strokes, which to fifty, and so on. Here, they just take what they're given, till the director calls a halt. No objections from me here: I didn't realize how tedious the stroke count thing had become until its absence showed up as such a relief. Without it, the tops relax and play more. The action is less predictable, the product more compelling.

I want to pick out the following movies from the crowd. I've cross-referenced them to the numbers next to the girls' photos on the splash page, so anyone who's interested can check out their movie previews (though not all of the following have such). Each movie I've highlighted is, for one reason or another, excellent.

Model 14 - No Ball Games Allowed
A girl, displaying surprising skill, is playing with a football in an empty discotheque. She smashes a bottle. The domme - a very long-haired, skinny, pretty lady - gives her one of the most prolonged and nasty punishments I've seen filmed. I don't believe there to be any repeats from different angles here: I guess this was filmed with a single camera. The girl takes 140 hand spanks, 72 swats with a heavy, wide strap (one of which catches her crotch), and 125 licks (some of them quickly peppered) with a cane. These are delivered by the top at will, where, when and how she pleases: hand spanks, strappings and canings are all mixed up, and there's never a hint of the process getting dull. The girl, for her part, while following instructions, is clearly not comfortable, as is evinced by her stressed, protective actions between poses, and her genuine hurry to get off the set at the end. Once the top puts the her in the diaper position part way through, she makes it clear that this is meant to be a legs apart, knees either side of her head pose: no modesty spared. The girl's entire backside ends up red and welted. Though while there are plenty of cane strokes, at no point do these threaten to split the girl's skin. (This is also true of the other films here.) For me, this movie alone is worth the entry price. It's fast, convincing, erotic, and above all, fun to watch!

Model 18 - Coloured Nails
This one features a female black Scottish domme and a slightly chubby blonde girl with glasses, who has a lovely big backside. Once she's been made to strip and kneel on the floor, the domme just goes at her haunches from above with a cane until she has her in tears. Then for good measure, she spanks her hard over all the cane marks.

Model 28 - A Special Sports Lesson
A pretty, skinny girl in gym shorts is trying to pedal a cheap exercise bike, which doesn't seem to work. She's punished, for no discernible reason, by a blonde girl who appears too young to have authority. Nevertheless, the blonde's hand packs a proper smack. And the subbie may be skinny, but she has a spankable bottom which jiggles very nicely, thank you. Gorgeous red arse at the end. I counted 51 cane strokes.

Model 30 - Brand New Clothes
The top from "No Ball Games Allowed" makes a real mess of the backside of a girl with shortish black hair. The tough-looking girl finally ends up in tears. I counted 133 hand spanks, 124 fast, peppered cane strokes, and 124 proper, though again not skin-splitting, cane strokes, the last 69 of which are delivered on bare skin. All the above, hand spanks, peppered cane and full cane strokes, are freely interspersed by the top.

Model 36 - Catching a Thief
A pretty girl with a small bottom is spanked with a tawse by a slightly older looking blonde female. The blonde makes her part her legs and slightly bend her knees. It's not particularly revealing, but combined with the prolonged punishment, this unrelaxed position eventually has her quaking and shaking, really upset. The movie features lots of repeats.
Model 37 - The English Lesson
This one looks like it comes directly from the team at girls-boarding-school, and features both a German girl and a male German dom. To me he looks the business - a man not a boy, authoritative, handsome. Since it's The English Lesson, some of the dialogue is in English, but most is in Deutsch (German). Maybe this is why it's on this site, not GBS, as I think their films run exclusively in English. Anyway, he spanks her, has her strip, then spanks her again once she's naked, with a tawse. It's not quite as harsh as other movies here, but it's special as the girl is truly lovely - she's very natural, with a fabulous figure, a beautiful face, sleek black hair and the nicest breasts. Her reactions make her even more special. Hands on knees, in just shoes and socks (and with bright red cheeks) her high-pitched sobs, whimpers and breathy squeaks are most appealing. When she sinks to the floor, too upset to continue, we see her tears in closeup. (Why do I find this appealing? I have no idea. I have the urge to kiss her better and stroke her hair; simultaneously, I want to spank her more, and fuck her too. We don't design our quirks and fetishes, I swear: the bastards are self-programming.)

Model 48 - Forbidden Areas
This is my favourite movie on the site. It's set outdoors on a rural farm, and has great sound. This is just natural, as captured by the digital cameras, but because we're outdoors, they're picking up bird song and barking from the area. Combined with the setting, and with natural performances from the two actresses, this lends the movie a uniquely believable, pregnant atmosphere. A fit young girl in a red tartan skirt is pictured greeting poultry in cages, then running with goats in a pen. Apparently she's not supposed to. A nice looking big-sister type with long black hair, (different from the "No Ball Games Allowed" top) leads the girl out of the pen and up to a long wall. The sound works even better here, as the wall creates a natural reverberation: the cane strokes resonate like they're meant to be there. The big sister type starts by just hammering the poor kid on top of her skirt, with a very long cane. Remember those strokes that have you sucking air in over your teeth as you watch? There are several here. Once the girl's skirt is lifted, the cane moves with more speed, but less force. The top deliberately flicks it around, left and right, high and low. I just love this carefree, capricious, taunting use of the cane in this and several other movies here. The girl is then made to strip, and kneel on the grass facing the wall. Now the strokes come in harder: her backside is looking very sore indeed. We see the same strokes from multiple cameras, giving crystal clear angles on all the action. But I loved the movie so much, I watched it till I'd figured out that there seem to be 70 unique cane strokes from the start. The top is great, the picture clarity, setting, and sound are exceptional, and the girl is a real trouper who I'd love to see again.

There are some brilliant films here which are generally entertaining, unfussy and believable: they top high on my personal erection meter. They seem to have been made (at least, this is my fantasy, and I'm sticking to it) in a part of Eastern Europe where corporal punishment is still a living, functioning part of the culture. The tops are clearly enjoying what they're doing to the girls, and they make sure that they, and we, get good clear views of all the action. The girls are often great to look at, appearing, from their reactions, to accept such gratuitous cruelty as a normal part of life. I, for one, find their pretty suffering most gratifying, and would very much like to see more.

A Guest review by Freeloader 1/14/06

Spanked Cutie (, a site not to be confused with Clair Fonda's of similar name (without the 's'), offers a series of video scenarios based on a particular model. There are high quality pictures available for each scenario, along with lower quality vidcaps. The site started out using Sofie from Girls Boarding School as the first 'cutie', along with some other familiar models.

Of late, the site has been posting exclusively a number of eastern European model scenarios. These spankings are given quite hard, although not Rig-East hard. I believe the videos are shot in Hungarian from what I have seen elsewhere on the net. There are no subtitles. In some videos the spanker uses heavily accented English and does most of the talking. There are a couple doms apparently from the West Indies doing spanking in English, along with a few ladies spanking in Hungarian.

While the language is amusing, the action remains great. These models really take it hard, and stay in position without protest, even when being spanked black and blue. Most end up in tears. All of these girls are cute; some are quite pretty. None of the subs are featured more than in one scenario, but the doms appear more frequently.

The video quality is great, similar to the Girls Bording School quality. In fact, I think the same company runs this site, Girls Boarding School and Her First Punishment. The videos are broadband quality, ranging between 30MB and about 130MB for complete films, and they are available whole and split up into 7MB chunks.

My only complaints with the site are that download time is governed to about 70K/s and you can only download two items at once. And I'd like to see the subs in more scenarios than one.

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