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Spanked & Diapered

Running Time: 1 hour
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

The video opens with Jenny, played by Carly Daniels, sitting on the couch listening to her walkman. As it turns out, she is supposed to be in bed, so Father is not in the least happy about this. He is also not to happy to find out that his other daughter, Sarah, is out when she should be home. The Dad is an interesting fellow, sort of a cross between Tony Randall and Dick Clark. He has Jenny remove her skirt to reveal her white panties. Just as he does that, Sarah enters the room and is questioned by Dad. Jenny is told to stand facing the wall, while he deals with Sarah first. Sarah is stripped down to her bra and string bikini panties and is informed of her impending punishment. She is then made to stand there for a moment so both can think about what they had done. They start to argue a little bit and Dad yells in for them to be quiet. Before I go on, I have to make note of something. Here we go, John on his soap box again. Both girls have rather large tattoos on them. Now, I'm not a tattoo person, but hey, to each his own and some people like that. One has this large tattoo on her back and the other has this big one that goes all the way around her waist. My nit picking comes with the fact these are supposed to be younger girls that are still under the control of the parents. I just seems to take away from the realism of this type of video. If they were supposed to be work aged women taking a spanking from an employer, then ok. But, in this type of scene, I think it detracts from the story. Just my 2 cents. Ok, back to the video.

Jenny is brought over Dad's knee and her panties are lowered to her knees. He then begins a hard hand spanking that lasts for several minutes. She begins to squirm and over the course of the spanking, gets a tad more vocal and asks him to stop and that she won't go against his rules again. He of course doesn't pay attention to this and continues to redden her behind until she starts to sob. Finally, he lets her up, removes her panties all together, and has her face the wall where Sarah is standing. He grabs Sarah by the ear and pulls her over to the couch and puts her over the back of the couch. At this point, Sarah tells Dad she doesn't feel good and thinks she's coming down sick. Well, thankfully, Dad has a digital thermometer in the next room. He pulls her panties down and has Jenny hold her cheeks apart while he inserts the thermometer. Three guesses what the result is. You got it, normal. She is brought over his knee and the bare bottom spanking begins. Sarah starts to yell and scream right from the beginning. She kicks and protests and begs him to stop. He continues for quite some time ignoring her pleas. Finally, once her bottom is a shade of crimson red, she is allowed up. However, this is not the end of the punishment.

Dad brings in a cloth and lays it across the coffee table. Sarah is made to lay down on the table and he raises her legs above her head and positions the large adult diaper. The then proceeds to put the diaper on her, give it the old powder routine, and tape it up. He stuffs a pacifier in her mouth, and makes her stand in the corner. Jenny is now made to get on the coffee table on her hands and knees. He uses a slipper on her bare behind as Sarah looks back over her shoulder. Jenny wiggles all over the place and has a hard time keeping that position. So, he has her stand up and bend over then continues spanking her with his hand. This goes on for a while with plenty of response from Jenny. He then lets up and sends Jenny back to the wall and brings Sarah onto the coffee table. He removes the diaper and spanks her in the diaper changing position. She is then on all fours for a round with the slipper and then finally is spanked standing up. The session then comes to a close with both bottoms red and sore.

Part 2 is entitled Sarah's Revenge. Jenny is sitting on the bed in her pajamas and Sarah walks in wearing black lingerie. She wants to know why she is missing money and Jenny claims to know nothing about it. Well, a quick inspection of Jenny's purse and look what Sarah finds, her missing cash. And, that's not all. Cigarettes. Oh, how Dad would be pissed off if he knew she was smoking. What a position Jenny has Sarah in. So, Sarah makes Jenny and offer she can't refuse. She won't tell Dad about the money and cigarettes, but in return, Sarah will get to punish Jenny. She doesn't seem to care for this idea too much, but agrees. Sarah grabs her by the ear and pulls her onto her lap. Her night time sleeping shorts come down, and a bare bottom hand spanking begins. Jenny seems a little surprised by the intensity of the spanking, and even comments on how hard she slaps. After a little bit, Jenny is bent over the bed and Sarah gives her a round with the hairbrush. She gives her some really hard whacks, followed by more hand spanking. Sarah feels Jenny needs to be put into a diaper to get the full range of punishment and humiliation. Jenny pleads with her not to do this, that the spanking is plenty. Sarah decides that first, she will give Jenny an enema to "wash all the naughtiness away". As it just so happens, there is an enema bag on an IV pole right near by. After giving her the enema, she makes Jenny hold it in while she spanks her bare bottom. Now, if that just isn't plain mean, I don't know what is. The girl is there holding her stomach, ready to burst, and Sarah just keeps spanking away. Spanks her with the hairbrush, then more with the hand until Jenny is about ready to explode. Sarah finally stops to let her go to the bathroom.

Upon returning, Sarah sets up the diaper, applies it to Jenny, and then sends her off to bed. This is where the video comes to it's conclusion. I have to say, this is one interesting video. It has several fetish items in it besides spanking, which will no doubt be of interest to many in our audience. The spankings are hard, there is plenty of action, and the quality of the video is pretty good. Running time is around an hour. Another stellar production from Bobbie Tawse.

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