Review by John O'Connell 7/20/04

It think it can safely be said that Emily and Amateur Spankings have become synonymous. She has become the most loved model from that company, so therefore it is somewhat fitting that she have her own website. Emily does not lack in the good looks department, yet has that comfortable girl next door look to her. She also can take a hard spanking, paddling, or whatever the folks at Amateur Spankings decide they want to dish out. The website is fairly new at this point, yet is not devoid of material for you to enjoy. The first part of the site is "Meet Emily" which is a quick introduction to the star of this site. Once you've become acquainted, you can move on to Emily's Pictures. For every shoot Emily does, she also provides a nice assortment of photos to go along with them. As of this writing, there are 19 photo and video sets to choose from. The photos are more like video captures, so they do not have the high resolution quality that some photos do. However, they are still crisp and are of a decent size. Each photo is thumb nailed for your convenience and the amount of photos per set varies. Some sets have as many as seven or eight pages worth of thumb nailed images. Once you've warmed up by perusing the images, you can then move along to the clips themselves. Each scenario features Emily being punished for some infraction of the rules and may also feature guests being punished with her from time to time. In typical Amateur Spankings fashion, instruments of all shapes and sizes are used to tame Emily's wild bottom. The scenarios vary in length, with some reaching nearly 30 minutes. The scenarios are broken down into several clips for easier and quicker downloading. The quality of the clips is about average. Although not as sharp as some of the video clips on the internet, they do not carry the large file sizes usually associated with them either. The site manages to find a happy medium between manageable file size and quality. The clips are in Read Media format and may be downloaded and saved to your computer.

The site also features a few other tid bits. There is a section where you can view all of the videos that Emily has participated in along with links to their page on Amateur Spanking's website. There is a page which includes an interview of Emily from our very own David Pierson. As a member, you may also email Emily to suggest a future scenario, or just tell her how you like the site. To round out the sections, a nice links page is provided for you to check out some of Emily's favorite sites. Updates occur roughly once a week with new clips and photos to entertain the members. At $19.95 per month, Emily's site is comparable to most of the spanking sites on the net. The site is definitely worth checking out as there is a nice preview section accessible from the main page. Emily fans will not be disappointed.

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