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Spanked Hairdresser

year: 1995
29 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/3/10

Another one of those stern British employers who uses corporal punishment to marvelous effect. Mr. Mason is having a rough time with his girls in his au pair agency. Nickula, a blonde who looks too naughty for her own good, has been fired and sent back from her overseas post. She tended to walk around naked--was one of the complaints. We think we'll soon be seeing why she was such a distraction. Mason of course has his methods of straightening out his girls--and they know it. Nickula is informed she is going to be punished if she wants to keep the job. "I'm going to smack your bottom." Nickula knew that. "You smacked Sandra's bottom last week and left stripes on it."

Let's get on with it, shall we? She takes off her jacket and the OTK handspanking, there in the office, begins. Mason is experienced. He wrestles down her tights while leaving her panties in place for later. "I want to keep my job. I'll make it up to you." Now the pants do come down, despite Nickula's futile (and cute) resistance. She stands and removes her pants altogether.

Over the desk for the tawse, legs open, lovely closeups. She wiggles but is permitted no rubbing! Mason's not convinced he's reached her. We're certainly not satisfied if he isn't. For the "third phase," it's the cane. After a few strokes, "Oh, it really stings." At this moment, Amanda, another au pair, arrives. "What are you doing to Nicky?" But Amanda quickly positions herself to help and hold Nickula in place for yet 12 more sexy strokes. Tearful Nicky wiggles her bottom furiously.

Suddenly Mason turns on Amanda. "But Mr. Mason...." You'd think she'd have sensed the danger of being in the room where canes were in action. She's going to get a lesson as a warning. This buxom blonde takes off her blazer, rasies her skirt, and goes OTK. Nicky's loving Amanda's comeuppance and actually pours water over her pantied bottom. Everyone's amused by the wet knickers. Mason then tawses her. Nicky assists and pulls Amanda's pants down for Mason. Over the desk for more tawse. Very revealing. She says she's hot and takes off her bra. Oh, that's much better for all of us. Finally, about 20 from the cane, some repeats, but overall a nice show. Quite an au pair agency, this is!

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