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Spanked Husband

Directed By: Eve Howard
Produced By: Tony Elka
Starring: Arthur Syre
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

An excellent and fun video in the Female spanks Male genre. In this one we have a Natasha, tall thin woman, and Kat, a diminutive Asian beauty who take on the duty of punishing Kat's errant husband, Arthur Sire for over-spending. We open the story with Kat and Natasha trying to decide how Arthur should pay for his bad spending habits. Natasha decides that a good spanking would be a proper punishment, and Kat agrees. So they call in Arthur, and he agrees that he will submit to anything that Kat wants. So off we go on a joyous erotic experience. Natasha is first to punish Arthur, and she instructs Kat on the basic technique of spanking a man. Arthur is spanked over Natasha's knee, first with his underpants on, and then it's Kat takes her turn. Then his underpants come down for the bare bottom spanking he had been promised. Arthur is pretty fair skinned, so the redness begins to show almost immediately. After about 15 minutes of good, over-the-knee hand spanking, it's time for a short leather strap, which Natasha applies in a very nice way on his already red and sore bottom. Then Kat picks up with the leather strap where Natasha left off. Next Arthur finds himself over the laps of both women at the same time, and Kat continues to pound his bare buttocks with that short leather paddle for a few more minutes, before moving on to a wooden paddle. Then we move into another room where he is placed over a bench and given a good dose of the hairbrush by Natasha, while Kat holds him down. After a short time, Natasha leans over and gets a wooden Fraternity Paddle, and really gives him a "what for" spanking. They continue his punishment by spanking him in this position at the same time. Kat with the small leather paddle and Natasha with a thin black belt, and now he is crying out every once in a while with an "oooh" or an "ouch". They finish him off with a few good smacks of a crop and a few more with a short cane. I enjoyed this video quite a bit. I have always loved the way Shadow Lane constructs their video's, with the highest production values in the business and entertaining and highly erotic scripts. This is what we have come to expect from Shadow Lane. A well written, well directed, well shot, and extremely well thought out piece of work. I recommend it highly to spank-o-philes everywhere. On the Spank-O-Meter this is a 9.0 out of 10

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