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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active, but from the free area it does not appear as though any new content has been added since my review in 2006. Cost of membership is 49.95 USD for 30 days.

9/3/06- See Note at the end of the review regarding the clips

Review Posted 8/11/06

Spanked Lady has to be one of the most asked about companies that we get here at SPReview. Possibly because of the high prices of their videos, consumers are cautious to make a purchase. By chance I had come across this site again recently and noticed that they put all 10 of their productions online in a membership area. You pay one price of $50 and get to download and save all 10 to your computer, complete with still images. I figured this was a little bit better than the large asking prices of their DVDs, so I went ahead and took out a membership, which is for 30 days (recurring).

The member area is sweet and to the point. No annoying graphics or pop ups trying to get you to sign up to another site. Just 10 boxes each with their own gallery number on it. When you click on a gallery, you are brought to a separate page for a particular production. For this review, I'm going to click on gallery 5 which is "Katherine Spanked Again". The page has a short description of the production at the top of the page, followed by a series of thumbnails. In this case there are 37 thumbnails, each of which opens up to an image that is 640X480. The images are pretty clear and not as blurry as some video captures I've seen. At the bottom of the page, there are 3 links, each for a different part of the video. The first two segments are in the neighborhood of 100 MB each, while the last segment is 49 MB. Each segment has a bit rate of 2.06 MBPS and is set for a 640X480 screen size. Even at full screen, the video played well for me. It was still pretty sharp and had no frame loss.

This site is no what I'd call a normal members site. There are only 10 galleries/videos which I don't believe will be updated. So, if you are looking for a large amount of content that will be added to on a regular basis, obviously this isn't for you. But, if you had seen this site before and was a little unsure of purchasing one of their videos, this is definitely a less expensive alternative.

NOTE: The clips that you download from this site are license protected. Once your membership expires you will not be able to view the clips any longer.

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