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Reviewed by John O'Connell 11/30/06

Released this year, Spanked on their Panties combines two major fetishes. Spanking and panty changing. To be honest, I'm surprised that it took so long for a company to attempt such a video given the huge success of certain panty websites. It should be noted, however, that none of the 3 models will be spanked on the bare bottom. The spanking only takes place over their panties. However, you will see 2 of the girls bottoms as they change from one pair of panties to another.

In the first scene, a blonde named Natali receives her licks from Aiden. There really isn't any storyline to this scene, not that one would really be necessary. Natali is first wearing a dark printed pair of panties, which she models before going over the knee for her punishment. After a minute or two Natali stands up in order to change into the next pair, which is of the light pink "granny" style. She models once again before assuming the position once more. This spanking lasts a bit longer than the first one, leaving a nice red shine to Natali's bottom. The next pair she steps into is a beige "granny" style, which once again is modeled for your viewing pleasure. Several more minutes of over the knee action leaves Natali growning and in obvious disinterest of seeing anymore spanking. But, she's not done yet. Another panty change to a lilac pair with a moment for modeling is the only rest she'll have before being pulled back over our lovely spanker's knee. Again, the spanking lasts several minutes before she is made to change her panties once again. Now to a black lacey pair, but our mistress decides to change the pace. This time, Natali will be spanked standing up first, then pulled over the knee. The last panty change has Natali wearing a yellow with white lace pair. She is spanked over the back of the couch for several minutes to wrap up this section of the production. The scene lasts approximately 24 minutes.

Scene two features a brunette panty model named Rosetta who shows up to her shoot to only complain about everything. It doesn't take long for the photographer (Vinnie Spit) to become annoyed and threaten to walk out. The only way to convince him to still do the shoot is for her to be spanked over each pair of panties that she was scheduled to model. She agrees and leaves the room to put on the first pair. Unfortunately, Rosetta changes her panties in a different room each time and the viewer does not get to see her bare bottom. The first pair of panties is a silk white or light pink pair and Vinnie wastes no time taking her over his knee. After being called mean, which gives him a chuckle, he proceeds to spank her panty clad behind while she is over his knee. Rosetta's reactions are pretty entertaining to watch as she wiggles around. The next pair is a red silk bikini style and the spanking is once again over the knee. After a few moments, Rosetta exits to put on another pair, this time beige "granny" panties. Back over the knee for another round. Several more minutes lead to another panty change, this time white with print. More spanking, more panty changes. White cotton and leopard print finish up this scene. The total time for this scene is 18 minutes.

The last scene has dark haired Ariel in trouble with Jackie for leaving her wet panties drying in the guest bathroom and then giving an attitude about it. Ariel is first spanked over Jackie's knee wearing her white skirt as a warm up. She is made to remove her skirt and thong and ordered to retrieve a pair of blue panties from a pile. After putting them on, she is taken over Jackie's knee again and hand spanked for a second time. Ariel receives several minutes of spanking before being made to change into a black pair. After being told her bottom is very spankable, Ariel is spanked soundly for a third time. Next up, a shear blue pair. This is about as close as your're going to get to a bare bottom spanking in this vid. You can see her bottom through the panties, which is actually a pretty neat view. Next up, a white with print pair. But, this time instead of being spanked over the knee, she is made to bend over the bench with her legs spread apart. Following that spanking, Ariel changes into a yellow/red pattern pair and is made to lie down on her back and is spanked in the diaper changing position. Next up is a micro fibre pair that forms nicely to Ariel's bottom. She is taken over the knee and spanked yet again. Light Pink and White are the next two colors, both of which are also over the knee. Jackie mixes it up again for the sheer white pair, having Ariel lay down on the bench with her legs apart for the next part of her spanking. The last pair is pink, which is administered over the knee. Once the spanking is complete, Ariel is made to stand in the corner with her bottom bared. This segments lasts just over 37 minutes.

As someone that likes to see a spanking over the panties before going bare, I really enjoyed this DVD. While seeing the bare bottom spanked is the ultimate "prize" I think this production goes to show that spanking over the panties can be just as fun and erotic. The total run time for this production is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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