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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and updating. Although, it seems as though the material has been slowing down. It takes a long time to complete a segment leaving the member feeling as though they are being strung along. Cost of membership is 29.95 USD for 30 Days.

Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast Posted to SPReview on 7/24/09

Spanked Schoolgirl is one of the sites in the Xerotics network. I have already reviewed their "flagship", Spanking Online, a while ago. The sister site I'm going to cover today has a very similar feel and content, but with an obvious focus on schoolgirl-themed material.

It also shares many of the same strengths and weaknesses. The design is flashy and somewhat "spammy" looking, with garish colours and between one and three advertising banners on every page inside the members area (there's nothing wrong with promoting other sites in your network, but keep it reasonable, alright?). The overall appearance could benefit from a bit of cleanup. On the plus side, the content is decent and some of the videos are quite excellent, actually. Fans of this particular CP sub-genre, the time-honoured "naughty students vs. strict, cane-happy teachers" scenario, will find some good material to add to their collection.

Once logged in, you will see a "Quick List" of the latest updates with direct links, as well as three main areas you can go to: "Movie Downloads", "Photo Galleries" and "School Life Ezine". The movies are split into older (2004 to 2006) and newer productions, the galleries also have two sections, "School Girl Discipline Sets" (showing the actual chastisements) and "Girls Uniforms & Knickers". The latter focuses on clothing and attire, so uniform fetishists can get their fix there. As for the Ezine, it was seemingly discontinued after a total of fifteen issues, with fourteen of them until 2005 and only one more update since then, in July last year. The section contains extra movies and pictures, plus the occasional model interview or behind-the-scenes report. Since this is interesting info you don't get on every paysite, it's a pity that they don't do any new issues. Maybe they will resurrect this feature in the future, I for one would enjoy seeing it again.

The site went online some five years ago, so there is quite a bit of content. At the time of this writing, there are 135 videos and 144 picture galleries in the archives, if I counted correctly - well, it's close to that amount, in any case! Updates are added every three or four days. The videos can be downloaded as single files or in several parts. The old ones are in Real Media format with bitrates around 400 kb/s, the new ones are .wmv's with a resolution of 360 x 288 pixels or, later still, 960 x 540. Some of the most recent productions are also available in a high-quality version with 1280 x 720 pixels. The average video is somewhere between five and fifteen minutes in length, a few are movies in their own right that go on for half an hour.

In terms of action, one gets what one can expect from a schoolgirl spanking site: scenes with pretty self-explanatory titles like "Jodie's Detention", "Prefect Caned" or "3 Girls in Tears", in which an assortment of implements (hand, slipper, strap, cane etc.) is used on an assortment of models, usually in a setting that resembles a classroom, a locker room or a teacher's office. There is a reasonable amount of variety, though, with both M/F and F/F punishments, sessions that involve one or several recipients, and different numbers of instruments being used in a scene, sometimes one, sometimes more. A few clips feature full nudity, which isn't necessarily realistic in this kind of scenario, but always a crowd pleaser (no complaints from this critic). The severity ranges from light to medium, and there is a fairly good mix of lecturing and spanking overall.

Not all of the material is exclusive to Spanked Schoolgirl - I already knew some of it, or at least excerpts, from other Xerotics sites. However, there is much which I hadn't seen anywhere else, especially the new material. Among the spankees, there are familiar faces like Pandora Blake, Catherine Corbet, Nicky Montford and Sarah Collins. One caning video with a pretty model named Tara (sometimes credited as Isis, and now retired, I believe) stood out for me - great bottom, great reactions. A handful of older - and rather good - clips with my friend Niki Flynn were another nice find. They were new to me. On the top side, I spotted Aegean, who runs his own site at Sound Punishment, Mistress Valkyrie, and various others whom I know by appearance, but not always by name. I think Pandora's boyfriend Tom was there, too.

In summary, this is a good but not spectacular site. Schoolgirl CP aficionados will like it, as will fans of one of the aforementioned actresses who want to complete their collection. If you fall into one or both of these groups, I recommend you check it out.

First Review posted 11/20/04 by John O'Connell

Coming to you from the creators of Spanking Online and Spanking Digital, this new site was launched just a few weeks ago. I for one am a fan of the schoolgirl outfit and setting, so I was eager to take a peek at this new cyber den of erotica. Sometimes when a site is hyped up, it can be a bit of a let down so I was holding my breath. Well, I was happy to let out a big sigh (I was turning blue) that Spanking Schoolgirl is everything the makers promised. Although the site is supposed to be updated 3 times a week, they have been working overtime to add new content. Many times there is an update every day. I don't know how long this pace will continue, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it kept going on for a long time. To me the big draw of any site is it's video clips. Yes photos are nice as are the other amenities, but the clips is what the bulk of us want to see. As with Spanking Online and it's sister sites, the owners have come through. Some new faces and some familiar ones are ever present in these delectable tid bids of fantasy. Pretty girls dressed in uniform are spanked, paddled, caned, and strapped. The movie section contains 20 different selections at the time of this writing. Over half are complete, while the others are in various stages of completion. Clips are added to each movie over time and when all have been uploaded, a complete movie file is added a short time later. I've always been a fan of this. If you have a dial up connection or prefer parts that option is there as well as if you have a high speed connection and like to have one file with the whole movie on it. When complete, each production is at least 15 minutes long, many are in the area of 30 minutes. Should you decide to wander into the photo area, there are two options. Discipline sets and Uniforms/Knickers sets. The discipline sets pretty much are the photo series that accompany the movies. Each set varies with many having close to 50 photos. All the photos are high resolution and are crisp and clear. Each photo is thumbnailed and there is the option of downloading the entire set in a zip file. The uniform/knicker sets are, as the name might indicate, series of photos that show the stars of the site in various stages of undress. Each set has a ton of photos, which like the discipline series, can be downloaded in a zip file. In addition to the videos and photos, there is also a school ezine. The first issue has bonus photo galleries, letters to the editor, and a story on how traumatic it is for a young lady to lower her panties for punishment. Throw in a member's forum, newsletter, and easy access customer support and you have a well rounded site (pun intended). I've always been impressed with the SOL family of sites and Spanked Schoolgirl is no different. The cost is $29.95 per month with price breaks for 90 day and 180 day packages.

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