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Spanked Secretaries 1

Written and Directed by Stephen English
Starring: Leia-Ann Woods as Antonia
Guy Steele as himself
Review by David Pierson

'Spanked Secretaries' is a wonderful and fresh approach to a subject that has, frankly, been done to death. How many CP films have dealt with the subject of the cheeky secretary in need of correction by her boss? What those films lacked and what this production, most fortunately, has, is the prodigious talents of Stephen English and Leia-Ann Woods. Unlike most films in the Spanked Secretaries genre', Strictly English's version is both very sexy and sophisticated. Mr. English has long been recognized as one of the top directors in all of CP cinema. His deft hand is felt throughout this superb production. Leia -Ann Woods is a young woman of exquisite beauty. She is as talented, intelligent and poised as she is lovely.

In addition, this is the first time that I've had the pleasure of viewing the work of Guy Steele. He is handsome, self-possessed and a skilled disciplinarian. A wonderful match for Leia.

The story involves the events that occur over a weekend at Guy's house. Antonia had agreed to spend the weekend at her boss's country estate to finish an important project for the company. Before getting down to business, Guy addresses an incident between his lovely Personal Assistant and one of her subordinates. He noted that she had reduced the poor girl to tears in front of the other employees. He suggested that she apologize to the girl for the good of company morale. Antonia refuses, noting that the subordinate was in the wrong and she was not. Antonia is clearly used to being in control. Exasperated by young Antonia's intransigence, Guy inquires how her boyfriend deals with her. With a derisive smile, she noted that he often threatens to spank her but lacks the needed resolve. Unlike Antonia's emasculated boyfriend, Guy was not lacking in will. He decided that he will punish Antonia until she agrees to apologize to her offended subordinate. Thus began a weekend long quest by Guy to gain control over the proud Antonia through the use of corporal punishment of ever increasing intensity. Antonia was punished by hand, slipper, and paddle and bath brush. Still the proud Antonia refused to accept Guy's requirement. Finally it is Sunday and still no apology has been issued. Guy then applied multiple, hard strokes from a nasty, thick cane to Antonia's shapely and naked bottom. Still she refused to bow to the will of her employer. Acknowledging defeat, Guy appologizes to Antonia. He noted that he would summon a car should she want to go. Her only reply was " Go..what the hell for?" There are many surprises awaiting the viewer of this terrific film.

This is a video that all fans of CP media need to experience. Once again, Strictly English Productions has succeeded in giving the viewer a fresh take on a subject that had been reduced to cliché' in lesser hands.

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