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M/F F/F reviewed by the webmaster

This video starts off with a blonde with shoulder length hair. The gist is she is spending too much money and her husband is going to give her a spanking. She is stripped down to her black lingerie with thong and is hand spanked. I wouldn't call this the hardest spanking I've ever scene, but from the videos that I've seen, they seem to focus on the couples type of spanking, rather than the discipline type. Anyway, the next scene features 2 brunettes, one older with shoulder length hair and the other is a bit younger with long hair. The guy is going to spank both of them, well, seems to be just because. The short haired brunette is spanked first, with the other girl helping out by giving her a few spanks periodically. Bare butt hand spanking and some use of a hairbrush. Then it's the younger lady's turn, and she gets the same. Hand, then hairbrush and the older lady joins in by throwing in some spanks along with the guy. Next scene brings back the blonde from the first scene. She is wearing jean shorts and is in a photo shoot. After some pictures, the photographer pull down her jean shorts and starts giving her a hand spanking. She is eventually taken over the knee for more hand spanking, and then finally bent over a chair (still using his hand). The last scene comes full circle with the 2 brunettes from the 2nd scene. They are stripped down to their lingerie and are caned. First one takes a few strokes, then the other, and back and forth. I personally think this video is better suited for the couples type of video rather than someone who is looking for a strong discipline scenario. Tape is 60 minutes in length.

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