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Spanked And Spread

Written and Directed by: Bobbie Tawse
Scene I: Tammy's Bored and Cranky and Marcus Has The Cure
Starring: Tammy Tease
John Osbourne
Scene II: Highlights of Casey's Weekend of Punishment
Starring: Casey Sinclaire
Trick Dixxon
Scene III: Spanking Tickets Equals Sore Red Bottomed Wife
Starring: Amber Micheals
Ralph Marvel
Review by: Dorothy Parker-Posey

Nothing makes me hotter than a domestic discipline spanking scenario in which an irate handsome husband must discipline his beautiful but naughty wife. Bobbie Tawse, she of Drop-Seat Productions fame, has succeeded in capturing the true spirit of this intensely sexy fantasy. My vibrator had to go in for repairs after I watched Bobbie's first and second videos in one... ah, sitting. I made the mistake of watching these videos alone. Bobbie's current release is no less effective in titillating my erogenous zone. It's really hard to write about this. Just thinking about this amazingly erotic video and I find my hand traveling towards my nether region. I will try to be good and focus on my typing. At least I will wipe off the keys when I'm finished.

Scene I: Marcus has just come home from work to find his woman suffering from a virulent form of PMS. Marcus is played by the unblieveably handsome John Osbourne and Tammy is played by Tammy. (good casting) Marcus catches nothing but grief when he inquires about the status of our Miss Tammy. After absorbing a few minutes of abuse from the very bitchy Ms. T., Marcus takes his naughty girl over his lap. He spanks her cute bottom for several minutes. Mr. Osboure is a well-muscled and ruggedly handsome young man. When he raised his arm to smack Ms. Tease's squiring bottom the muscles on his arm would flex in the most attractive manner. Soon, you find out why this video is called " Spanked & Spread". After removing the naughty girl's panties, Marcus puts her over his knee in such a manner that all of Tammy's charms are put on display. (In other words, you get to see her shaved pussy and asshole. Don't tell anyone.) After spanking Tammy for a few minutes Markus decides to take Tammy's temperature rectally. Tammy pleads for Markus not to humiliate her in that manner. To this Marcus replies, " For you to act like that towards me, you must be sick!" With that, Marcus places the thermometer into Tammy's anus. (Mr. Osbourne, I'm not feeling so well. I might be running a fever.) My only disappointment in the first chapter of this terrific production is the fact that we never got to see Tammy's face while she was having her bottom reddened. I love it when a spanking performer gives good face. But why quibble over minor issues.

Scene II: Trick and Casey are real life husband and wife. Trick comes home from work to find his exceeding cute wife still in bed reading spanking magazines. Trick noted that their home was in disarray. He takes his lovely wife, lifts her legs, lowers her pajama bottoms and spanks her in the diaper position. Later, he takes her into the living room, makes her strip off her clothes and spanks her. In a scene that I found particularly hot, Trick turns his wife over, front side up, and spanks the inside of her thighs. The mere thought of that scene sends shivers up my .. ah, spine. Yes, that's it, my spine.

Scene III: Speeding Tickets Equal A Sore Red Bottomed Wife. This is my favorite portion of this production. It features two of the most attractive performers in the spanking video scene. The lovely Amber Michaels is perfect in the role of the glamorous, but reckless wife who drives way too fast and has been accumulating speeding tickets. The amazingly handsome Ralph Marvel plays the role of the irate husband who is concerned about his sexy wife's reckless ways. If this part of the video doesn't turn you on, you're dead. I will notify the authorities of your demise should you find this to be the case. The spanking of Amber may be one of the most sexually satisfying domestic discipline scenarios ever filmed. The action starts when our Mr. Marvel calls his naughty wife to his side, lowers her shorts and panties and starts to spanks her across her perfectly shaped bottom. As Ralph applies his large hand to Amber's bottom, she kicks her legs and cries out in the most enticing manner. After a few minutes of this, Amber's bottom is very red and I am totally turned on. Just when you think this video couldn't get anymore sexually intense, it does. Ralph makes the petite Amber straddle his large legs exposing her vagina and anus. Ralph takes full advantage of Amber's positional predicament and spanks her hard on the anus. It was at this point that I revved up my multiple speed vibrator. While I was achieving orgasm I found myself shouting, " I've been bad Ralph!"

This third video in the Drop-Seat production collection is a joy from beginning to end. The ladies who were spanked and spread were all beautiful and the men were fantastically handsome. Just writing this review is turning me on. Well it's time for me to go. My husband (David Pierson) just came home and it's time for me to be spanked and spread.


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