Spanking Academy

70 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR 2/1/08

Identified actors from other Bizarre features, some from the Dresden Diary series, directed by Ernest Greene. A very sexy instructress, Anna Malle, elicits from couples in her class their spanking fantasies, and we'll see scenes of those fantasies being acted out. She breathes the word "spanking" in wonderful liquid tones. You'd certainly like to see this instructress herself face an appointment with the Shop teacher after class in the school workshop, where those big paddles are made, but not her. She does offer her assets in other performances.

The first couple: the wife is caught masturbsating with spanking magazines, wearing only her scanties. Her husband takes her OTK, which is what she wants. He handspanks her, uses a hairbrush and a paddle, then makes her clean house while he torments her, and finally frigs her till they're ready for the bedroom. Not serious punishment, but a lot of fondling and domination, typical of Green's work that we've seen---very appealing.

The second couple has a Friday night ritual. A very delectable blonde is stark nude and in-the-position, waiting for her spanking appointment. Ernest Greene himself is the spanker--he fondles her fancy body, then spanks her with a succession of hand, soft cat-o-nine tails, and slapper, both on the bottom and on the pussy. The last implement is a large round paddle with an open grill pattern---slly but provocative. It's all ineffectual if you're here for severity, but it's a sweet and sexy concept.

The third couple does their spanking in their place-of-work. A buxom brunette goes over a desk without panties, presenting a very nice picture, for a mild handspanking, paddling, and a yardstick. There is a faux portrayal of a blowjob reward, but at least we can watch a very nice bottom in the process.

At the conclusion, our sexy instructress uses her female assistant, a curvy brunette who has been hovering at the blackborad, to demonstrate some techniques. It would be tough on this young lady if this course were taught several nights a week. She must take off her dres, right in front of the class--this isn't nice!--first for a handspanking over the desk, and then, her pantyhose lowered, for some hard paddling--the hardest in the video, with several varieties of paddle. She holds a paddle in her mouth--an Ernest Greene theme, while she gets an innocent caning. The other couples in the class are getting horny. We need to look through our County College adult school extension course catalogue again.

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