Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt

length:44 minutes
Director:George Harrison-Marks

Not sure this is a Roue production; "Danni," a cute pig-tailed redhead, sneaks into her professor's office and is copying test answers when she is caught. The decedent don, in silly cap-and-gown, offers her CP on the spot in lieu of expulsion.

Danni first goes OTK, her blue knickers come down, and the don uses those hard glancing strokes and gets color and wiggling immediately. Next, Danni kneels on a chair, keeping her legs spread and panties pulled tight across her thighs (we said she is a redhead). The don uses a studded, flapping paddle to noisy but mild effect.

But now things change. It will be 12 with the cane, with Danni in this very exposed position. "You will count each one and say 'Thank you, Sir.'" This don cracks the cane with crispness and glee, and gets from Danni gasps, flinches, and hard breathing. After 12, the don doesn't feel an impression has been made, and announces 6 more. "" On the next strokes, in her distress, Danni fails to say "sir" and earns three more. 21 total, no repeats, and very good marks. This caning sequence is found in at least one British "Best of" compilation, for good reason.

The story degenerates. We cut to Danni's sister, who is apparently a call girl, taking a spanking for money in her bedroom. The john spanks, paddles, and canes, then pays and leaves. Danni's sister later catches her masturbating with a spanking magazine, and Danni is stripped of her panties and punished again. Her caning stripes are noticed.

Danni tells her sister how the don had caned her, so her sister goes to the don's office, attacks him, gets hispants down and canes him. Fast forward. Danni is worth your time.

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