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The Spanking Bodyguard

Written and Directed by: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Edited by: Tony Elka
Starring: Gino Colletti
Gabriella Jeannine
Review by: Dorothy Parker-Posey

The first thing that I can tell you about this production that will make you happy is that " The Spanking Bodyguard" does not feature either Whitney Houston or Kevin Costner. Although from the direction that their respective careers have taken I'll bet that Eve and Tony may have been able to procure their services.

This terrific production features two of my favorite spanking video stars. In the role of " The Spanking Bodyguard" we have the incredibly handsome Gino Colletti. Now there is a young man with his star on the rise. (Well, something's on the rise, I thought that it was his star.) I recently learned that Gino, is a major star in the soft-core adult movie world. He can be seen nightly on Cinemax. When I say he can be seen, I mean he can be seen...naked. He has this terrific set of chest muscles and large biceps. Don't you think that he looks a lot like Doug Flutie? You know I just realized that I may be in need a spanking bodyguard, especially after my husband reads this. I feel a hairbrush spanking coming on.

As the bratty daughter of an aging punk rock star we have the glamorous Gabriella Jeannine. I have been an admirer since her wonderful performance in Shadow Lane's " Talk To The Hand." Don't tell anyone, but I find her very sexy. Gabriella is also a young woman with her career proceeding in an upward direction. Ms. Jeannine should now be referred to as Mistress Gabriella. After completing her rigorous training, our Gabriella has graduated and is now a certified dominant. I heard that the graduation ceremony was a wonder to behold. At the conclusion of the event the newly graduated Mistresses threw their submissive's into the air. It is much like the commencement ceremonies at West Point, only with a louder thud. I should also say that Ms. Jeannine is sporting several new tattoos since the last time I saw her in a video. One more tattoo and Gabriella will qualify for the Kelly Osbourne discount at the tattoo pallor near Hollywood Boulevard and Vine. Oh, you know the one. It's right next to the strip club that used to be the Brown Derby. Isn't Tinsel -Town too glamorous for words?

This video is very entertaining and intensely erotic. It has the look and feel of an old movie, but with a post-modern sensibility. In this hot tale of romance and spanking, Mr. Colletti plays a bodyguard who has pulled the "unpleasant" duty of guarding the daughter of a rock star. She clearly desires the sexual attention of her bodyguard. (Who wouldn't when Gino Colletti is your bodyguard?) It is clear that Bodyguard is stimulated by his charge's flirtations. One day after she had thrust her lovely round bottom into his face, the bodyguard could tolerate no more. Suddenly he pulled the bratty rock star's daughter over his knee, lifted her skirt and spanked across the bottom of her " Victoria's Secrets". (It was clear that her underwear was not from Fredrick's.) Initially, she complained about her spanking and threatened to have her protector fired. However, it was clear that she was really turned on by the experience.

Later that night " The Brat" decided to go clubbing in Hollywood. While at the club she gave her bodyguard the slip by having him drugged. When the two of them met up later that night our erstwhile bodyguard was furious. Soon the entitled offspring of some aging rock star was once again pulled over the lap of her handsome agent of protection. This time her panties were lowered and an intense series of spanking commenced. During the chastisement, " The Brat" admitted that she had gone and gotten a new tattoo during the time she was out of his sight. (I guess she's now eligible for that discount that I mentioned earlier.) The spankings administered to Ms. Jeannine's lovely bottom were highly arousing. In the various positions in which she was placed during her spanking, Gabriella's charms were on full display. Of course when I say that I mean that you get a really good view of Ms. Jeaninne's shaved pussy and anus. Remember, that's just between us. (Gabriella, you'll have to tell me where you got your labial jewelry.) In the end, it seems that romance had been in the air all along. After spanking " The Brats" bottom to a fiery red, the Bodyguard embraced the naughty girl and the two of them started to make love.

I really loved this video. It turned me on so much that I nearly killed myself. This video should come with a warning label. Let me explain. My vibrator is a very special piece of equipment. It is a prototype and is still in the experimental stage .It has the following settings: 1. Low clitoral Stimulation, 2. Moderate Clitoral Stimulation, 3. Intense Clitoral stimulation, 4. Stun 5. Kill. The last two settings are there in case you are attacked by Klingons while masturbating. Well I won't go into it, but I'm lucky to be alive. Despite the obvious danger, I love my vibrator. If it had a job I'd marry the damn thing. Now I am in real trouble! Well, my husband has me by the ear and It's off to the bedroom for my hairbrush spanking. I guess the remark about my vibrator was a little over the top.

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