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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and updates 3 times per week. Cost of membership is 22.95 USD for 30 days or 19.95 recurring.

Updated Review March 2005
by Guest Reviewer Ronald Scott

Upon rejoining this site recently, I found some improvements and some excellent new content. The non-member home page and linked Video and Member Preview pages are more extensive and better laid out than before. Also the video clip resolution for the best video clips has gone up from 350 kbs to 450 kbs, although some of the older clips are still displayed with marginal quality. The biggest improvement is that continues to add top-quality material (from outside sources as noted in my original review). Some standouts are two excellent early Rigid-East titles, Girl Scouts (the Czech not the US variety) and Krushchev's Daughters and one more recent Lupus title The Governess. All three are in the Web Collection section. And an excellent older title Painful Memories has entered the Classic Video Section. Also the two Correction Unit titles are good and are displayed with excellent video quality. Finally pages from two excellent books of spanking drawings by Lynn Paula Russel and Hardcastle, long time contributors to Janus magazine, are now available for download. The membership fees have not been raised and are still $24.95/month, $49.95 for three months and $74.95 for six months. Considering the wealth of material here (over 1,800 video clips), this site is worth checking out.

Guest Review submitted by Ronald Scott

While this site does not produce any original material, it has an excellent collection of "Classic" older spanking videos as well as a potpourri of other material ranging from early Rigid East to Mainstream Movie spanking clips even including clips from the major independent film "The Secretary". All videos are watched online or they can be saved to your PC's disk. The clips are in Real Player format at good resolution but, with so much older material, the video quality is not up to current standards for digital videocam shot productions. Despite the site name, no CD-ROMS, DVDs or VHS tapes are available.

The main virtue of the site is the quality of the content; Best of Classic Spanking Video gives the main thrust of what's available here. The action and the pretty girls make up for the sometimes fuzzy video quality. English schoolgirl themes are quite common but there are many other plots available. There are around 110 titles, each comprised of multiple video clips (typically 4-12 clips per title) lasting 1 to 1.25 minutes long. A third party utility to link related clips together into one longer video is available to members. The entire title beginning to end is usually not available; however this is an advantage, as the clips presented comprise the "good stuff" without having to wade thru the rest. New clips are added twice a week. And there is always information on the last 2 -3 months of Updates for members who want to know what's new.

With such a large library of material, the preview material is important so you can select what appeals to you. And the site excels in this area. For each title, around 4 - 8 medium size photos are available in the Video Previews area so you can see what the girls and the action look like. There are around 5 preview video clips (at lower resolution than members see) but the photos are the main resource to help you choose what to watch. Also the material is subdivided into various categories such as
- Classic (including production houses like Roue and Cal-Star with well-known titles like Punishments at St. Winnifreds, Half-term Punishments, Room 2D, and The Detention Room). The clips from The Secretary are also in the main video clip section.
- Web Collection (mostly earlier Rigid East clips including the excellent Reform School 2 release)
- Web Collection 2 (more early Rigid East clips and other material)
- Softcore and Mainstream, and Nostalgia sections (including titles like Frank and I, Angelique, A Whipped Slave, and similar material.)
- A small BDSM section
A few early Nu-West clips are scattered throughout but are not a focus of the site.

Membership is available for one month at $24.95, three months at $49.95 or six months for $74.95. Billing is handled by Verotel with all the usual payment options available. However, Verotel supplies members with a random computer-generated User name and password, rather than letting you choose a Username and password that is easy to remember. This is a bit inconvenient, but Windows usually provides you the password once you enter the correct username so you don't need to have both at hand to login (after the first time).

Navigation is straightforward after member login. Members Choices (enter video titles you would like added) and Members Forum are at the top. Then, under The Videos, all the Classic Spanking Videos and the various video Subcategories described above are listed. When the former is selected a list of clips from one Classic title appears. When a Subcategory (like Web Collection Clips) is selected a list of clips from multiple titles within that subcategory appears. And one photo from each clip is seen (4 -12 photos per title) to help you decide if that title or individual clip looks interesting. Scrolling further down on the member page, one finds all the recent updates as selectable entries and listed by date added.

And you can either stream video clips over the internet or can download them to your PC using right mouse click and then Save Target As OR a third party download package (like ReGet Deluxe) which will download faster and allow you to enter membership number and password only once even when downloading many separate clips. The site server storing the clips has a reasonable thruput by current standards.

In summary, I consider this site a good buy for those seeking excellent older content with a smattering of newer material, good preview capabilities, and straightforward navigation.

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