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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and says it is still updating. The free area is a little confusing to navigate and the master site update list shows the last update for any of the 12 sites in this "gold package" to be March of 2009. Cost of membership is 9.95 USD for 30 days or 29.95 for the gold package.

The Spanking Digest is a site that has been around for a while that has a myriad of things tucked away. The thing that makes this a little challenging to review is that the membership encompasses 7-10 sites that are part of a package deal. You can get the Gold Package for $10.95 a month, or the Platinum Package for $15.95 a month. Well, it wouldn't be much of a review if I only got the Gold package, which leaves out 3 sites from the mix. So, with the Platinum membership in hand, I started my voyage through the sites. The password set up is kind of strange. When you sign up, you choose a set of credentials that will get you into a starting point of sorts. Once in there, the powers that be assigned a 2nd set of credentials that change on a weekly basis. It's those credentials that are the ones that gain you access to the sites themselves.

The main attraction, if you will, is the Spanking Digest site itself. There is an incredible amount of goodies within the site, but just how valuable this is to you may depend how long you've been around. In the photo section, you have 5 choices. Pre-1970's photos, post-1970's photos, The School Girls, and After the Spankings. I think the categories are pretty much self explanatory. The fifth section is photos from the site's own photo shoots. I'll get to that in a moment. The first 4 categories are photos from all over the place. Some are scans from magazines, others are captures from videos, and still more are just ones that are from the internet that seem to pop up from time to time. The photos are all thumbnailed, but the main images are not what one would call high resolution. Many are earlier versions of digital media and have that low resolution feel to them. I will say that there are tons of photos, so if you are just starting out or fairly new to the spanking world and are looking to build up your collection of photos, this is a great place to start. It's certainly a large archive for short money. The photo shoot section currently has 8 different models. Once you click on a specific name, another page comes up with a selection of scenes. The photos vary in size and quality. Some of the earlier ones are average quality, while many of the new ones are high resolution. There is a nice variety of models and scenarios, most of which I had never seen before. There are also clips to go with these scenes, but you must obtain them from a different site. We'll get to that later.

The rest of the site has just an amazing variety of stuff to sort through. Everything from slideshows, postcards, butt photos, to news articles about spanking. Yes, there are scans of actual newspaper clippings that discuss spanking or events involving spanking. There is a game (to be played with a partner, not a video game), scans of spanking in advertisements, pictures of spanking in mainstream movies, celebrities who talk about spanking, amateur spanking photos, and animations. The amount of stuff in this site is amazing. But, that's not the end.

The next site in the circle is Spanking Clips. The site features a host of clips from many different sources. Most I've seen someplace before, but there were a few newbies. The site also has clips from mainstream films, as well as corresponding clips to the spanking shoots from the main Digest page. The clips are ok, but not of the best quality. Some of that may be due to the clips were not encoded by the site owners, but I was a little disappointed with the quality of the home shot stuff. It's not the worst I've ever seen, but in this day and age is could be much better. If you prefer to see men spanked, that's the next stop on the whirlwind tour. This site had a little more to it than I originally expected. It's similar to the Spanking Digest, except with a male submissive theme. There are photos from various sources, as well as scans of post cards, photos from videos, animated graphics, and slide shows. There are stories, letters, and poems. Photos of strict women and video clips more or less round this one out. The Spanking Art site, is as you might guess, about spanking paintings, drawings, and things of that type. The galleries are split into several main categories. You have Women Spanking Men, A list by Artist, a list by country, Postcards, Pre 1900, Spanking In Religion, Comics and Cartoons, Advertising and Books. There are really an impressive amount of drawings in this site. Again, I was surprised by the amount for the price. I assumed there would be maybe a few dozen photos and that would be it. This really is a collection to be fond of.

Spanking Memories is next on the tour. This site focuses on spankings that were given to the readers when they were young. In that aspect, there are stories and biographies from readers that talk about their experiences. There are also many photos of postcards, drawings, and things of that type in which they depict a young person getting a spanking. In many cases, these items appeared in advertisements, post cards, and other main stream media. Most of these items made their appearance pre-1970 and are artifacts of themselves. There are also photos taken from mainstream and spanking videos that depict adults acting as youths and some clips from those titles. Bottoms Galore is a site that is not really spanking specific. It's just about, well, bottoms. There are tons of thumbnailed photos of women and their bottoms. On the beach, in the shower, wherever. This is a nice assortment (he he), but the quality is not really the best. Many of the photos are low resolution, and you all know how I feel about that. The only saving grace is that these photos are pretty much a newsgroup compilation, so you can only work with what you have. Spanking-Lit is once again self explanatory. Here you will find spanking stories, fiction, non-fiction, and other articles of interest to keep you reading for days. Looking for a spanking mate? Spanking Friends is an online Personals site that allows you to view and post personals to find that right spanking someone. Spanking Toons is somewhat similar to the Spanking Art site, with the exception the photos are of...well...cartoons. An interesting collection here. Spank Movies focuses on Spanking in the film industry. Photos and clips that span from the early films of the 1940's through current day. Not really a complete collection, but some nice clips and photos to look at. I also don't think the site has been updated in a while. During my membership time, I didn't see that anything new was added.

That about rounds it out. This was a hard review to write, mainly because of the sheer magnitude of the material. While, the clips don't compare to the big names and a lot of the photos are not high resolution, the vast amount of information and interesting tid bits make this compilation of sites worth the money, which is short compared to what the big guys are going for. If you are looking to start up a collection of spanking photos, clippings, and other related items, this is a great place to start.

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