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Spanking Down Under

52 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 2/25/11

Three spanking dream sequences, about 17 minutes each.

I- "Six of the Best": Actress Alison, in a smirky, insouciant character, plays tour guide Miss Miles, in a sort of usherette's outfit, caught smoking on a break on the job, The faceless male voice who catches her sends her to the punishment room. Miles accepts that this is a CP offense--no argument.

The punishment room is a drab concrete block walled place Moonglow likes to use. No delay, Miles goes over the desk, pants down first thing, for "six strokes of the cane for smoking." She likes this more than she wants to let on.

Miles is seen preparing for bed, rubbing her bottom, and stripping to bra and pants. She dreams of being caned; she is bent over a table with a pillow under her, bottom bare, pants down. Oblique views and not as hard a caning as we expect for actress Alison. Another dream sequence--ful rear view and a rewarding sizzling 12 stroke session up to her standards.

II - "Maid For The Birch": Actress Lucy Bailey is confronted by a corny mutton-chopped Scottish "Colonel Kensington," for a household failure. "You will be thrashed tonight...the birch tonight." But it will be "the hairbrush now." OTK, dress up, treasure hunt in her drawers to find bare skin. A mild hairbrushing. Lucy is sent to have the garderner cut the birches for the evening. When she appears at 8 PM, she bends over a chair and spreads open her drawers herself. It is a mild, fast birching, but a long session and it seems to sting. Excellent closeups. Flecks of the birch break off. Lucy keeps her drawers spread open herself. Good girl.

III - "Count Spankula": The third segment, more erotic and humorous. Actress Janine plays Tracey, set upon in a spanking dream she is having by an ageplay guy in full Count Dracula regalia--cape, pancake makeup, fangs, and the Saturday-morning cartoon accent, playing out a spanko version of a porn scenario. The Count spanks her OTK, and uses a wallet-size studded leather strap. The Count is fascinated with her bare bottom, as well he should be.

The Count makes Tracey stand and strip off her teddy-like body suit; she is naked, with a full thatch of pubic bush, and the Count is gasping. Tracey kneels on her bed, bent forward, hands grasping the headboard, a wonderful spanking position-bottom high, breasts hang, and submissive. The spankings are sensual, as Tracey is moved through several postures.

The Count squeezes, caresses, and fondles her, his hands everywhere except where probably censors didn't allow in the era of this film. He does use a martinet handle for that exploration.

And of course--this had to be done--he rolls her onto her stomach and sinks his fangs into her buttocks.

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