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A Spanking for Nurse Donna

Guest Review by Alvin posted 4/25/08

Some girls are put on this Earth to be career girls, and some are put here to give pleasure. And those who fall into the latter catagory know it. They're used to using their looks and body to get what they want. And generally us men are only too happy to oblige. But occasionally, they get a short sharp shock and this movie demonstrates that only too well. It's called "A spanking for Nurse Donna" from English Spankers on www.english-spankers.com and it certainly got my temperature racing.

It starts with Nurse Donna being shown into a lounge by the bespectacled middle-aged man that features in many of the Spanking Online, SIT videos, etc. Donna, a slim fair haired girl, is wearing an ultra-short nurse's uniform (none of the modern trousers so beloved of hospitals these days), high heels and (gulp) fishnets. She is directed to sit down at one end of the couch while the guy who plays the adminstrator sits at the other end. It appears that Donna is due to see the disciplinary committee over a matter and the adminstrator wants to speak to her ahead of the meeting. She leans back and crosses one leg, then the other, and her lovely long legs are very much on display. How he manages to keep a cool head, goodness only knows. He tells her that she is not appropriately dressed for the disciplinary meeting

"What do you mean, sir? Don't you like the way I'm dressed", she coos. And gives him a good eyeful of her brief white panties.

"And look at your top"? he stammers.

"What's wrong with my top", she says confidently. Not taking her eye off him for a second as she slowly pops each of the fasteners on her blue uniform to reveal her white bra. The brazen hussy then sits astride him. Now most men, including this one, would have succumbed to her womanly ways, but he proceeds to tell her that she has the wrong idea. He brought her back to his house to discuss an alternative to dismissal and he's happily married (since when has that been a reason). She on the other hand thought that what she was offering was an alternative.

He then informs her that he intends to punish her in a different way. Her childish antics will result in her being punished like a young girl. He intends to spank her across his knee. She can't believe what she's hearing. She's used to fluttering her eyelashes and getting her own way. No man had ever been able to resist her womanly wiles before until now.

In no time at all, she finds herself face down over his knee. Her short tunic revealing black fish-net stockings and white panties. And boy, does she get a severe spanking. Firstly over those her blue tunic, then her white panties and then with them pulled well down. And she wriggles and pleads for him to stop. Near the end, she's sobbing into the arm of the sofa, her arse as red as a beetroot. Eventually, he releases her to stand in the corner vigorously rubbing her arse as he tells her more harsh treatment is in store. I found this an incredibly arousing movie. To see a sexy young woman trying to use her body to get what she wants and then be treated to a bare-bottom spanking as though she were a young girl, was wonderful.

I must admit that I do like seeing girls wearing mini-skirts spanked. Another example, and I've included a picture because she looks remarkably similar, involved a a woman where the case went to Court.

It happened about 3-4 years ago and was reported in the Press due to the salacious nature of the case. It involved a woman PE teacher aged 27 who was alleged to have had an affair with a boy aged 15, and as I mentioned, the case went to Court.

The teacher, who was married, was said to be conducting an affair with this boy. He incidentally was tall for his age, at least 6ft. What wasn't in dispute, however, according to witnesses, was that Mrs ... was very fond of wearing very short skirts (hence the likeness in the picture at the bottom) or showing off her not inconsiderable cleavage. Well that was according to some of her male colleagues. In fact she was described as having a figure like Liz Hurley, which says it all. She was also alleged, during some PE classes, and when wearing her short netball skirt, to get the boys to do press-ups and sit-ups while she stepped over them. And no doubt giving them a real eyeful. They described her as wearing some very colorful underwear! She of course in Court denied it and said she always wore white.

Of course, during the trial she dressed demurely and always came to Court clutching her husband's hand. And of course as in all these "soap-operas", e said he was "standing by her"

But the reason the story caught my eye was the "sub-plot". Apparently the boy's parents became suspicious when he was supposed to be staying over night at a friend. Something, in their words, didn't ring true. And they tracked the "couple" down to a small hotel. They went to the room and the woman was wearing a black leather mini-skirt, fish-nets and top tied up at the front. Apparently, the father threw the son out the room and "lost it" with the woman. That she'd seduced his young son. According to her statement, which she later retracted when the police got involved, he dragged her across his knee pulled her panties down and gave her the first and only spanking of her life. Apparently it was so severe that when hotel staff rushed up to the room after hearing her shrieks, her skirt was still up and her panties, described as miniscule, wrapped around one shoe. She was sobbing her heart out and frantically rubbing her arse.

I found this incredibly arousing particularly when pictures of her in her netball skirt, equivalent in shortness, to a cheerleaders appeared in the newspapers.

But incredibly, she was found not guilty of seduction but had to leave the school anyway.

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