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Spanking For Two

Starring: Amber Michaels
Ralph Marvel
Casey Sinclaire
Trick Dixxon
Reviewed by: The Webmaster

Spanking for Two is Bobbie's 2nd production, and, especially for the price, you can't ask for much more in one video. The opening scene has pretty blonde Amber standing in front of her boss Ralph's desk. Appears as thought Amber's work has been less than adequate and is faced with a decision to make. Take a severe spanking, or get fired. Well, obviously, she chooses a spanking. Wouldn't be much of a spanking video if she chose to be fired. Ralph has Amber raise her skirt above her waist revealing her black panties, and with skirt raised, she has to sign a release authorizing the spanking. Then, it begins. Ralph takes Amber over his knee and begins to spank her over the panties. Almost immediately she begins to kick and scream. Doesn't phase him in the least. He just explains that she is unprofessional and needs to work harder. Apparently, our secretary misfiled a folder, which took him four hours to find. Naughty, naughty. Much to her dismay, the panties get lowered to her knees, and the hand spanking continues on the bare bottom. He gets some pretty good slaps in before he decides to remove her panties altogether. He then stands her up, and rolls his sleeves up. At this point, you get the impression the spanking was just a warm up and now he means business. She is bent over his desk and Ralph gives her a good 50 swats with a standard 12 inch ruler. He bum must be sizzling at this point, but he's not finished yet. She is placed into the diaper changing position on his desk, and spanked with his hand. I don't know what it is about this position, but it just makes a scene when a person is place in it. Finally, at the close of the scene, Ralph asks Amber out for dinner. Sort of a strange twist, but she agrees. Then, Amber calls "Bobbie" on the phone and tells her "it worked, he fell for it". Alright then.

Part 2 features a new set of actors. Casey is our forgetful wife, and Trick is our madder than hell husband. Let me first off say, this is a nice scene for couples to watch. The acting, well, isn't the best in the world, but not bad. And the spanking action is good, but is more on the light side than severe side. The scene opens with Casey coming in the room met by an angry Trick. Trick's boss was meeting them for dinner, and guess who wasn't home on time? Naughty Casey, forgot all about it. He's tired of her making him look stupid and she'd going to get punished. He takes off his belt and starts whopping her behind while she is standing up. This is a pretty short session, and then he has her pull her pants down to her ankles and stand facing the fireplace. So, there she is, with her white panties out for the world to see and her pants down around her ankles. What does she do? Put her head down on the mantle. Oh, good move Casey, good move. Trick then pulls his lovely wife over his knee, and spanks her over her panties. She's not to happy about this and tries to get off his knee a few times. Granted, she didn't try all that hard, but she did try. She shouts that she's sorry and won't do it again, and his reply is along the lines of if you were really sorry, you would have been on time. Then, the panties get pulled down to her knees, and the spanking continues on the bare bottom. She tried to pull her panties up a few times, but it's pretty much a waste of time on her part. Eventually, he has her stand up, and spanks her over to the phone, where she has to dial the phone and talk to his boss. He continues to spank her while she is talking to is boss and apologizing for missing their dinner date. I actually liked this scene, and thought the spanking across the room was a nice touch. The slaps were not that hard, but as I mentioned earlier, this might be a good scene to watch with your lover, especially if you've never wandered into the area of spanking in your relationship and were thinking about trying it.

Part 3 features Amber and Ralph from the first scene. They are now in Amber's kitchen, where she enters wearing a teddie and slumps herself over the table. Ralph tells Amber what a mess the kitchen is and wants her to clean it. She is less than enthused and sticks her tongue out at him as he leaves the kitchen. We then skip to later in the day, where we find Ralph sitting in the kitchen, looking not so happy. Amber comes sauntering in from shopping and tries to make some light chit chat with Ralph. Ralph isn't in the mood for idle chit chat, and he puts her over his knee, while he's standing. He gives her a few smacks with his hand before removing his belt and gives her a few whacks with that. She responds somewhat loudly to that, promising she'll clean. He's not convinced and sits down on a chair and pull her across his lap, where he continues the spanking over her pants. Naturally, this spanking over the pants just won't do, so Amber is stood up, pants are pulled down, and she is then brought back over the knee for more spanking over her black panties. Now, don't get this confused with Part 2. Ralph is not going to take it easy on Amber, not by any stretch of the imagination. He slaps her ass with the precision of a well oiled machine. However, Ralph just doesn't feel that Ms. Amber is getting the point, so, down come the panties. He stings her ass so bad, she bounces all over his lap. It's as though her butt is sticking to his hand and it lifts her off his lap after each smack. After pleading that she will clean and clean, he lets her up, and has her strip naked. Amber is then made to put on a nice frilly apron, and spanked standing up, just for good measure, before being made to attend to the dishes in the sink.

This video is well done. I think it has a little something for everyone. The acting is a little rough in spots, but I can deal with that. The girls are cute, the scenes provide several phases each, and there are multiple camera angles. The film and sound quality are average. With almost 40 minutes of spanking action for $25, I think this tape is a worth while investment.

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