Spanking Game #1

43 minutes
Stars: George Harrison-Marks, et al
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR 10/12/07

A party scene, mature couples in formal attire, the staff and models from Kane Magazine and others, at a British spanking club, discussing spanking, pain-for-pleasure, etc. The camera pans the pretty girls--we're teased as to who is going to be spanked. The ladies are wary and not as amused by this male spanking thing as their companions, suspecting that they may in fact find themselves the entertainment. The couples depart for private time.

The first gentleman has a tarty little blonde girfriend. From the way she cavorts, nothing that might happen to her could be a surprise to her. She is scolded for something trivial, taken into a private room and coaxed to undress. She's wearing precious little under her disposable party dress and willingly gets down to delightful skimpy lace panty/shorts. There is some playful handspanking, the shorts are disposed of, then the martinet appears, called "Old Greythorpe." She gets in various poses, nicest of which is kneeling on a chair, knees conveniently wide for us. It's all halrmless, but cute, and very British---a contrite submissive naked girl being spanked by a guy in a tuxedo. Back to the party---who's next?

Two other couples have gone upstairs. The story switches back and forth between them. Looks like the women were right; this is not a safe place to be.

Couple #1, a guy in his tux and a very pretty dark redhead, who professes to be "shocked" by what she heard downstairs. She asks her husband: "Is this what you do at the club every fortnight? Why haven't you mentioned it to me?"

Couple #2, Oscar and his "Italian diva" girlfriend; she's drunk, a lot more street-savvy, and is a working spanking model. She quickly strips at Oscar's request.

Couple #1: the redhead is on the bed, OTK, and being teased with the martinet, on her way to oblivion. She moans in pleasure; her husband gets her white pants down, anf both are excited. She gives up her top and the spanking continues. It's mild but sexy. "Oh, it stings. It stings." They cuddle.

Couple #2: the Diva is naked now, kneeling on the bed, grasping the brass headboard, a delectable pose, taking her medicine from Oscar in dramatic style; Oscar grunts in a most salacious way. They cuddle too. "Want to be a star of Kane now?"

We imagine the next edition of this series would involve more of the attractive couples at the party pairing off and the ladies getting their various educations. These Kane videos are dated---older paunchy guys vs. a variety of bottoms---harmless, comic, and trivial, certainly not Eastern European. But there's acting, a lot of fun, and nice fantasy fulfillment. Who wouldn't want a weekand at this hotel?

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