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Spanking Genie

Directed by: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Starring: Jessica Eden
Andrea Neal
Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

For an American boy, fantasizing about TV actresses may rate above baseball as a national pastime. Growing up in the 60's, I had some great female characters to dream about. Mary Tyler Moore, Elizabeth Montgomery and Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island played wholesome characters, with just the right amount of sex appeal. Maybe the greatest TV sex symbol of the decade was Barbara Eden. Jeannie was the perfect character for a man's world. She lived to please her master, wore a slave's outfit and was always getting into trouble. On a few episodes, Major Nelson threatened to give her the spanking of her life. Since Larry Hagman never followed through on his threat, Chelsea Pfeiffer has made a video to help make a 60's fantasy come true. The tape, "Spanking Genie", also reminds us to be careful what we wish for; because we just might get it... literally.

The video begins with a character, named Heather, regretting her promise to straighten up clean her boyfriend's apartment. As she cleans an old bottle on the coffee table, Genie Linda appears in a puff of smoke. For releasing her from the bottle, Genie grants Heather three wishes. To see if it's true, the girl wishes for a clean apartment. A few turns by Genie and, like magic, the room is spotless. Heather says, " You are for real, or am I just completely loony toons?" Genie replies, " I don't know mistress. I am a Genie and not a mental health professional." For her second wish, Heather asks Genie for everything she has coming. Genie asks if she's sure that's what she wants. The girl again asks for everything she deserves. After a puff of smoke, Heather finds herself over Genie's knee. Genie Linda proceeds to give Heather exactly what she asked for. She provides the girl with a long, well-deserved, spanking. First over her shorts, then her panties and finally on her bare bottom. Genie is a good spanker. Heather is an OK spankee. She is an attractive girl with a great backside. After the spanking, Genie asks what Heather's last wish will be. The girl hesitates but Genie says, "Come on, who will it hurt?" Heather responds, "I'll show you who it'll hurt!" Poof... Genie is now over the knee of Heather. The girl begins to spank the attractive seat of the slave girl outfit. Genie Linda receives a good, hard spanking. The bottle dweller kicks and whines much more than Heather. After her discipline session, Genie decides it's safer back in the bottle and vanishes.

Chelsea Pfeiffer is an expert in adding comedy to a spanking video. Her productions have some of the best dialog in the business. The video is shot extremely well. The girls are attractive and do a credible job portraying the characters. But its Chelsea Pfeiffer's script, direction and wit that makes this video a whole lot of fun. "Spanking Genie" is a video for all the adolescents that dreamed of Genie. But be warned, owning this video may allow you to get exactly what you deserve.

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