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Spanking in the 21st Century

39 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 6/24/11

A simple exercise, except the premise is fun, and a fertile CP imgination could create abundant sequels. In the year 2050, because of genetic engineering, there are two many women, so ladies seek men to hire. In a reverse-brothel, we see a group of men at "The Keep," a spanking club where submissive women seek pleasure. Lucy visits, interviews each guy to see what his spanking specialty is, and selects Ricky.

Lucy selects 'bedroom' as the scene. Lucy has always sought a "bossy husband who spanks me constantly." So they will act out three fantasies: caught with another man; caught smoking; and one which turns Ricky on--she has trashed his baseball card collection.

The couple do three spanking sequences, with Lucy dressed, anf then undressed slightly differently in each. The actress is a very tall, thin brunette, actually taller than the Tom Cruise-like male actor. The spankings, OTK and on the bed, couch, or a stool, and on panties, nightgown, or on the bare, in various positions. They are moderate and playful, consentual and co-educational as Shadowlane does.

A more aggressive director than Eve Howard was permitted to be in this era would have concluded these scenes with a sexual act, as Shaowlane has indeed done since. Both Ricky and Lucy surely were ready for it. Lucy thanks the guys and charges her visit on a heat-sensing electronic scanner.

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