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Spanking Interviews II

29 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 8/22/08

A well worn plot--a spanking magazine editor auditions potential new models. To be sure, the concept guarantees us a steady supply of willing bottoms. Two adult-looking girls, no longer quite of the schoolgirl variety--a blonde who admires the Madonna look and a brunette, flip through magazine samples, assert they know what is involved for this job, and agree to undress to be inspected. Both girls strip down to bikini bottoms, with much comment on their bodies--from each other, the male editor, and Sue, the editor's assistant, an off-camera female voice.

The girls bend over a desk for the editor to handspank them side by side. He bunches their knickers and mildly spanks away, amid much histrionic gasping and moaning. When he rolls down both pairs of pants, both bottoms are reddened. The blonde is sent to the corner, pants at thighs, and asked to face us and watch the brunette being spanked, providing the glimpse of her furry front intended. The editor fakes a birching of the brunette, striking her bottom with just the handle, so she avoids the biting sting of the birch tips. This charade is characteristic of all the spankings.

The blonde and brunette switch, and the blonde is caned over the table--silly and mild, but she is tantalizing as she bucks around naked. Camera angles from all over--best from below. Two fade-in scenes: the brunette is paddled with a small shoe-sized wood affair-most interesting when she lies full length on the desk; then a rather dramatic and erotic tableau--blonde in the diaper position, with the brunette standing nude and bent forward over her, both bottoms therefore centered, while both are paddled--by Sue and the editor. Two bottoms, long legs open. Paddle and hairbrush.

In a complete and abrupt plot change, a guy has brought his girlfriend to the editor to be checked out in that way the editor specializes in. We guess the editor takes walk-ins as well as appointments. The girl is a fluffy cute blonde, the closest thing we've seen on this tape to a girl who hasn't been spanked thrice over. The editor simply grabs her and takes her clothes off--she is not a tough case and he is not shy. Both men fondle her. Her boyfriend spanks her bare bottom--she protests so he stops. The editor examines her bare body again and assistant Sue approves too. She is spanked OTK and given a switch--this is mostly humiliation.

The blonde gets the "No.1 cane" and squeals so loudly we turned the volume down. Fade--the blonde is on all fours on the desk, being paddled with a sole and birched by the two men. This is always an attractive position--pendulous breasts, high bottom, spread knees, good facials. Sue straps her for good measure. The men pull her cheeks apart to expose her anus for the strap. All in all, this performance is a choppy improvisation. Our personal record for the most implements put to use, though. But no one got the spanking she deserved.

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