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Spanking is My Pleasure

Year: 2005
48 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/14/10

A simple CalStar exercise, made more interesting by an erotic fantasy: Headmistress Miss Robinson occasionally delivers helpless and hapless female student-offenders to powerful pervert Sir Roger, who plays with the girls to his satisfaction. Also called "Sir Roger's Passion" in some places.

"Have you got a couple of naughty girls for me today?" "Yes." "Are they aware of what happens?" "No."

Actress Maya Manson plays Miss Madson and Sara Harvey Lewis plays Miss Harvey. Both are bit implausible as schoolgirls. If they didn't know Sir Roger's proclivitiies, it wouldn't have taken long, because one of the girls is given a cane to bring along when they meet him.

Madson (Ms. Manson) is taken in his grasp first. She is a well-endowed curly-haired brunette, and he is pleased. She stands between his legs as he is seated, throne-like. he exposes her big breasts, pulls her pantsdown, fondles and gropes, top off, a brief frig. He sucks her breasts. Madson is submissive byut slightly discomfited. "Is this what the other girls get?" He torments her, feels, gropes, and twirls her for us, smacking her bottom for good measure.

Harvey (Ms. Harvey Lewis) is next. Her torment is nlot so accelerated, but the warning signs appear. He teases between her legs with the cane. "You're not going to cane me already, are you?' "No."

Miss Robinson hovers nearby and proves herself as a co-conspirator. She is going to take Madson to an adjoining room to begin her spanking while Sir Roger continues with Harvey. The girls are trapped. Hereinafter the scenes switch--Roger has Harvey and Robinson hassles Madson. We'll describe each happening.

Harvey is spanked OTK, Roger's fingers explore. She takes her own panties down, part of the surrender. He spanks left-handed and frigs to his delight. Over a chair, he whacksher with a long leather spanker. She is getting into it. Sir Roger: "Nice thing about you girls, you've got lovely soft bottoms." She lies face-up on his lap, legs open, for some serious attentkion from Sir Roger, which he calls "a perk of the job."

Outside, Madson is spanked OTK anf tormented between her legs. "You're going in to Roger in a minute." Madson likes the "tiggly feeling" and is fully on board. More, harder OTK, then a tawse, which results in--"Ah, there's a nice tremble." At this point Madson is dragged in to Roger, it is too much fun. "I want you to beat her hard."

It is time for both girls to be caned. Madson: "I have to go to the toilet," so Harvey goes first, about 20 ambidextrous strokes from roger, urged "harder" by an aroused Miss R.

Madson is back and sees Harvey's bottom. " at Harvey's bottom, sir." She takes her 15. the two caned bottoms hold a pose.

Madson lets Roger expose her pendulous breasts again for some playtime. She is encouraged to kneel in front of him and opens his pants. Just enough hesitancy to increase the tension.

Fade to a new scene. Roger is naked, on his back, quite erect. The two grils worktogether to complete the appointment.

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